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   Chapter 97 91. We drank coffee

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Life was great, soon after the wedding. The rumors died down. The public and media became a little easier on the newly wedded couple. "I learnt not to care.. about anything or anyone had to say. It was hard but at that point I was tired of trying to prove that I'm a good person or that I have good intentions." Adela commented.

"My million dollar advise!" Her husband said proudly beside her. It was a beautiful scene with Adela expecting, expecting I found myself swooning over this beautiful couple. They have taken so many shots from the public, media even from their own family and here they're at their happiest.

The honeymoon went smoothly. We got some pictures of shirtless Andre and Adela in a bikini. Jealousy aside, they looked so good together. Media suddenly somewhat started writing some 'nice' things about Adela.

"Yeah, it was always about my body." Adela admitted. "They wished you were theirs.." Andre said defensively.

During their first five months of being married, they were featured on an interview where they were asked if the world should expect kids.

"I said no.. I wanted to study and things were just still pretty hectic. We were still getting used to being married and all. I was only twenty-one and Andre was twenty-four, there were just a lot of things that we wanted to settle first." Adela confessed.

"I answered yes because I was ready and just waiting for a green light from her." Andre added onto his wife's comment.

The happiness wasn't long lived. Apparently in the month that would officially mark their one year anniversary. Rumors surfaced that the couple were having marital problems. Andre had brought another woman to their home while Adela was there as well. No one really had the answers but

rived two hours later while I was still trying to capture the perfect images. I hid in the closet. Andre was yelling the man I brought and he in my favor immediately shook Adela and said 'You didn't tell me your husband would be home this early what the fuck'... Adela looked utterly confused. I'm not proud of what I did. She didn't realize she was naked and immediately covered herself with the sheets. Andre kept yelling at her and she stood there confused. I managed to slip out when Andre finally left the house and drove off out of anger. I felt victorious at that moment but.. I hate myself for it." Jeanine cried. "Even more so knowing she was pregnant and could have lost the baby. Leo is so precious.. I just—"

I will give everyone some time to digest this as we continue our time traveling with the Levetté's. I'm personally too hurt, I can't even imagine to feel how the victim herself must have felt. It's horrible and to see that she has overcame all this makes me see her in a different stance. I admire her wholeheartedly. Again I'm truly grateful for having been chosen to be the one to cover this story.

- Molly Hallman, People's gossip column.

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