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   Chapter 95 I`m a firm believer in fate

Judas Kiss. By Antonette Liebermann Characters: 5397

Updated: 2019-06-10 19:45

Since they reunited, I know everyone has been wondering. When did Della give birth? When was she even pregnant? Is Andre the father? Just one look at the boy and you already know the answer to that one. I had the pleasure of meeting their son, such a sweetheart. He is so kind and playful, hide your boys and girls because I see an epidemic of heartbreak that will be caused by Le-Andre junior.

"The pregnancy ofcourse wasn't planned." Adela commented.

"I think it was.." Andre interjected.

The couple argued for a bit concerning this topic. I couldn't exactly make out the confirmed truth and yes, this may sound vulgar but.. Adela claimed they weren't planning and Andre claimed he had done what he did purposely.. he just didn't think it would happen that quick.

"You never told me this.." Adela whispered. I managed to slip in some questions that any curious follower of this story would have wanted to know. They were really nice enough to let me ask the very personal questions as well. You know how you see people isn't always how they actually are. I thought Andre would be pompous and arrogant but he was quite the opposite. Jeanine well seemed nice and Adela was an absolute sweetheart. As a journalist, I tried to cover this in the most nine-biased manor possible.

"No, I didn't know that she was pregnant."

"It was all my fault, she tried to tell me but I didn't give her the chance. She only left because I had asked her to."

"I only met my son over a year ago."

He seemed really overwhelmed while speaking about this. I didn't want to push any further. It must be hard to try and b

are really nice people there... like Tim and it's fun. I like to help people so I can bring all the homeless people and make them stay there."

At this point, I already knew maybe he wouldn't be a heartbreaker. He had such a big caring heart. I had to ask for one last thing before I finalized my visit.

"Will I be getting a scope of the girls?" I asked trying really hard not to push for it. They looked at each other before turning to look at me.

"Maybe.. maybe not."

I hope they do. This was a great experience and I learnt a lot from judgement of people and life experiences. Suddenly I yearned to have the type of love that they shared. I yearned to also have a son or just a kid. I suddenly wondered who was against me but pretending to wish me all the best. I came to realize that we never fully have control of our lives and like Andre... I believe in fate.. destiny. It's out there, we all have one already written.. we're just waiting to go through it. The verve was right..

'Life is a bittersweet symphony'

- Molly Hallman, People's gossip column.

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