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   Chapter 93 I started all the rumors

Judas Kiss. By Antonette Liebermann Characters: 6656

Updated: 2019-06-10 19:43

People Magazine highlights.

"To a certain extent I was jealous that my son loved another woman other than his own mother. I don't justify what I did but I hope this helps everyone find closure." Jeanine Levetté

"I will always have regrets and one of them was neglecting the woman I love when she needed me the most." Andre Levetté

"I'm just happy that the crucial time in my life where I felt hopeless and down has passed. It was the worst but it helped me grow as a person. I'm ready to move on to better memories." - Adela McCarthy Levetté

"I'm going to have two sisters." - Leondre Levetté

"I'd rather not comment on my brother's business. All I can say is everyone makes mistakes.. even you and I." - Luc Levetté

"This is about what my ex-wife did and I was no where involved. I'm just happy it has been resolved." - Benjamin Levetté

Twitter Highlights.


- If I was Della, I would have left him. periodt.

- They love each other and I'm a sucker for love stories. Sure, Andre was an ass but they deserve to be happy together. He can't pay for something his mom did.

- Jeanine was never likable.

- So Ben just sat back and let his wife and son do that to Della without intervening... well that's exactly how I will be minding my own business from now on.

- Luc is hot.

- The Levetté's have always deserved a reality show because all this tea.

- where do I unsubscribe to Jeanine Levetté?

- She raised her son, minded her own business and let them be. I can't admire Della more..

- When did they get married because I never saw the wedding?

- Someone please send me the link to the article..

Andre Levetté was inlove with a waitress. It all started with the glimpse of articles where we saw him in Starbucks having his coffee then it became oddly suspicious because he went there daily. Maybe our French boy just really loved Startbucks coffee and we were really reaching. He really liked this certain coffee, from

it for me. She could have quit everything and left but she didn't."

"I would be lying if I said I didn't add onto all these controversies. I'm ashamed of what I did and.. even though Della has forgiven me. It still eats me up. I started all these rumors.." Jeanine summed up.

The wedding was amazing, every girl's dream. Adela looked stunning but there just always had to be something bad to counter their happiness. The crowd of girls who fangirled over Andre were not exactly happy with the scene. TMZ was quick to cover the story that Adela looked fat and she was trying to cover up her pregnancy. It also didn't help that there wasn't any one of Adela's family at the wedding, this really got people talking. A picture of a man surfaced on the internet, specifically twitter. It was a mugshot of a man with the last name McCarthy. He had tattoos all over his face and looked quite scary. It was said it was her father and he had not managed to make it to the wedding as he was serving a ten year sentence for robbery and attempted murder charges.

When I said rollercoaster, I was not joking. This has been quite a ride for these two love birds. Stay tuned as we go through it and reveal some truths we all wish we knew. Do use our trending hashtag to share your opinion.

- Molly Hallman, People's gossip column.

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