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   Chapter 92 It`s just an article

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Updated: 2019-06-10 19:37

The phrase 'two sides to every story' has never been taken seriously. We jump onto every bandwagon, the cancel culture.. James Charles a true example of how toxic media can be but that's a story for another day. We as 'People Magazine' were the first to cover the Levetté scandal nearly eight years ago. It was a time to be alive, in a world where we thrive off gossip and the shaming of others. It was absolutely honor on my part as a journalist to be given the opportunity to cover the full story.. not the bits and gossip but the true story narrated by everyone who played a role in this frantic event. I'm gonna take you on a rollercoaster but first let's start with the boy we grew up adoring... the teenage heartthrob in our day.

Jeanine Levetté and her husband Ben Levetté had always managed to keep their boys away from the media. Jeanine always said when the time was right, we would (fans) all see her kids more often. They loved their privacy even with being a well known power couple. Ben always said he wanted his two boys to have a normal childhood so you can only imagine our surprise when we started seeing more and more of their boys after Andre had reached the age of thirteen.

It wasn't a surprise when her son turned out to be just as good looking as she was or better yet even way greater. No one ever noticed him until he featured on a Disney channel advert. Don't even remember what it was was about but sure you get the point right? He was an absolute epitome of handsome. Every girl had an image of his picture torn off a magazine pasted in their scho

ost. A huge thank you to the Levetté family for allowing me to cover this scrumptious detailed story of the century. We love gossip. Stay tuned.

- Molly Hallman, People's gossip column.

Della laughed at Andre's reaction after reading that article aloud. He cursed and threw the magazine one the bed.

"You're being dramatic." Della smiled.

"She didn't say she would talk about that.."

Della laughed.

"It's just an article.."

"An article that our children will one day dig up... Cheri.."

"You think too much. Come here.." Della called him. "They're moving.. they like hearing you shout.."

Andre let out a chuckled. There was movement again on the left side of Della's belly bump.

"Girls.. don't find a boyfriend like daddy once upon a time okay? because I won't be very nice."

"As if!" Della laughed.

"I'm serious, they will not date for as long as I walk on this earth."


"I mean it." Andre said laying soft kisses all over Della's face as she giggled. For a moment the article seemed forgotten.

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