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   Chapter 91 Marcela if you`re using him

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Della cooed at the tiny little energetic boy who couldn't stop moving his legs and flipping his arms in all directions.

"Alfredo says he will be a soccer player." Mila said softly earning a laugh from her best friend.

"He is too energetic..

"I can't keep up with him atleast Alfredo has been staying up all night."

"Alfredo is such a sweetheart.." Della added putting Alejandro in a more comfortable position. He rubbed his eyes with his hand in a fist. Della couldn't really whom he would look like but that nose was definitely Alfredo.

"He is... oops there he goes again. Hitting himself on the face and scratching himself.. he is only a month old." Mila said with concern.

"You should put on gloves or make him wear his tiny socks on his hands. Leo used to do the same thing.." Della advised.

"Alfredo says he is a fighter that's why.. i have a feeling he spoil him rotten."

"Not if Alejandro has siblings—" she was immediately cut off.

"Nope no no, I'm done. That was the worst most painful experience of my life. I was ready to die honestly. Being in labor for seven hours is no joke." Mila groaned. "I have no idea, how you're doing it did the second time.. and you're due in a month from now."

"I think, I will be fine. I don't want to think too much about it." Della smiled letting Alejandro hold her finger but the little boy had it aimed for his mouth. Mila immediately gave him his dummy that had his name customized with a black print and the Molinero sign. "He is always hungry don't mind him.."

"Nice.. I bet Alfredo did that."

"Yes, he is super excited and proud. This boy is going to be a brat but on my watch. I will not hesitate to whoop his ass with a chancla (flip flop) while his father is watching.. like how we grew up."

This had Della laughing hysterically.

"Ale, your mom is joking she would never beat a pretty little boy like you.." Della cooed at the little boy who immediately started moving his tiny legs and arms. His tiny fingers got ahold of the handle ring on his dummy as he threw it across the room.

Mila sighed.

"He does that all that time.. then you wonder if I will need a chancla (flip flop) with this one."

Della once again laughed hysterically making Alejandro curl up and smile.

"Don't be hard on mommy okay?"

Alejandro smiled once more bring a ball of fist in his

know.. that's how we made you obviously.."

Della cringed making the couple, laugh at her reaction. It was entertaining on their part.

"Where is Lyle?"

"Spending the day with Gerald, they went to the zoo." Marcela replied. Della could see that her mother had a different hairstyle. The blood red extensions she once had on weren't there anymore. Her shoulder length hair now naturally jetblack. She looked different... like a.. m-o—m a mom. Even for Della it felt weird for her to say it or call her that.

"We saw the magazine, that was a great touch." Garreth said proudly. "Especially the part where Jeanine revealed she was a snake." Garreth chuckled along with his fiancée. Now come to think of it these two had the same humor.

"You looked amazing as the cover.. with Andre and Leo argggh it looked so picture family perfect. They did a great job."

"It was even trending on twitter.." Marcela added.

Garreth chuckled. "I don't really entertain these social media things."

"... don't worry I will show you. First we should open you an Instagram account even though I think you will love twitter more because you love being problematic with you biased opinions." Marcela scoffed.

"My opinions are valid, you just don't agree with them."

"Damn right I don't, on second thought maybe you shouldn't have a twitter account. It will give more reason for people to hate you!"

Della just stared as they quarreled not in a vicious way but friendly and humorous way. It was weird not seeing them trying to bite their heads off each other.

Very weird.

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