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   Chapter 90 My adopted son

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"I'm only allowing you to stay here because you're like a son to me. Also not ignoring the fact that you might relapse as soon as you walk out of my sight." Garreth said cautiously. "I have a thirteen year old staying here and I swear to God if you influence him or teach him anything... I will not hesitate putting my hands on you."

"Thanks, I really appreciate it. Everything... you have done for me." Ignacio said rigid in his stance.

"Alright.." Garreth said softly. "Everything is all stocked up, I think you want to freshen up. Breakfast is in an hour. I'm bringing a barber to give you a hair cut..."

Ignacio ran his right hand through his shoulder length voluminous jet black hair. He knew Garreth was right, he needed to start over. From his hair to his clothing to his attitude towards life.

"That's if you want to have a hair cut.." Garreth added.

"I do, I want a new start."

Garreth nodded.

"Has Spencer reached out?"

"No.." Ignacio replied.

"If he does, let me know."

"Don't kill him, he was just—"

"I won't, I just want to know if he is okay. You're both like my sons, I would never want anything happening to you both. I practically raised you.. I feel I'm somehow responsible for every life decision you both ever made."

Ignacio nodded, eyes glistening with tears. It was weird, he was worried about who will pick him up from rehab but even more scared when he saw Garreth waiting for him in the psychiatrist's office. Now he just felt overwhelmed.

"It's not your fault." Ignacio replied wiping a tear away. "I own up to everything I did."

"Im glad." He paused. "I will give you some time to brief me a business idea that you want to start. I will invest in it, let's start from there. I don't want you anywhere near any of my clubs. Especially club Savannah, stay

For the first time in forever he felt as if he wasn't fucking up his life. He liked this direction. He was grateful for having been given a second chance.

"Lyle this is Ignacio, my son." Garreth said proudly when he saw his new look.

"I thought you said you didn't have a son?" Lyle said taking a spoonful of cornflakes cereal.

"My adopted son." Garreth smiled. "Thought I would talk to you later about having your last name changed huh? How does that sound?"

Ignacio was speechless.



"Ignacio this is Lyle, my step son." Garreth said ruffling Lyle's Jet Black hair. Lyle only cringed. "Not the hair buddy!" Lyle teased, knowing that Garreth always called everything and everyone buddy.

"Cool haircut." Lyle added.

"Thanks, just got it done." Ignacio replied taking a seat.

"Alright everyone take a sit. I have been going to this cooking class for a month now so if you don't like my food you're free to eat cereal." Marcela said bringing a plate full of pancakes.

When Marcela turned around.

"Just pretend you like it.. she has been working hard." Garreth whispered.

"Atleast it's not noodles." Lyle replied.

For a moment everything seemed to be falling into place.

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