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   Chapter 89 His name is Alejandro Felipe Molinero

Judas Kiss. By Antonette Liebermann Characters: 5710

Updated: 2019-05-31 19:59

He couldn't quite figure it out.

He just couldn't.

Maybe it was in the way she smiled widely till her hazel brown eyes closed or maybe the pregnancy complimented her in all the right places; no maybe it was because he was head over heals inlove with this woman. Luc looked where Andre had his eyes glued. Della was just a simple normal woman.. he wouldn't exactly say she was the most beautiful woman, he had ever seen. She was just plain simple, maybe it was her personality or maybe yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Luc nudged his brother who wasn't even watching their soccer match. Ben chuckled, at the scene. Andre couldn't keep his eyes off Della who was in the conjoined room talking humorously on the phone. She didn't even notice—

"Ami, why don't you just go join your wife's phone call?" Luc finally broke into Andre's thoughts. Andre shook his head and denied it, concentrating on the Europa Champions League.

"Luc, don't be so hard on your brother.. let him have his moments." Ben intervened. They noticed Leondre was comfortably sleeping on his grandfather's lap.

"I don't get it.." Luc said in a low voice but something told him, he got it. He knew exactly what Andre was going through..


Luc hadn't heard from him for months now, it was weird. He wondered if he was okay where ever he was?! There was a gentle pushing feeling that told him.. maybe he should call him. He tried pushing it away. He hadn't thought about him for a while now. Luc felt this distance was perfectly good for them. He was toxic for Luc's health and mental health. Luc convinced himself.

"Mila just gave birth to a baby boy.." Della announced finally entering the conjoined Vict

ng in his arms, this close... lips touching. She opened them again and saw the sincerity in his arms.

She didn't hesitate letting her hand caress his defined jaw. She gave him a chaste kiss. "It's okay."

"I love you endlessly.."

Della blushed, looking back at his eyes. His pupils dilated a lighter shade of blue.

"I love you." She replied turning to sit, she instantly clamped her hands.

"His name is Alejandro Felipe Molinero." Della said excitedly. "They couldn't choose, you know Mila is indecisive.."

Andre wanted to roll his eyes because he thought he would be getting some but not tonight. This was supposedly his punishment. Instead of groaning, he sat up straight and listened to everything his wife was telling him. About why the child was named Felipe or Alejandro. Andre nodded and added his opinions, there was nothing absolutely nothing he was willing to do for this woman.

Lmao I'm low key thinking of plots for all these babies being born. I see a teen fiction about Alejandro playing the twins and Leo dealing with him in an unfavorable manor.

Thanks for reading this far 2-4 more chapters x

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