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Six months into the pregnancy.

"I'm glad you decided to stay for two more weeks. It gets really lonely out here knowing Luc, he is never home." Ben said as he took a sip of his green tea.

"Papa but I'm here!" Luc have his father a questioning look feeling offended.

"It's alright, I like it here so does Leo.. I just hope we return home in time to set up things for the twins.." Della replied.

"Goodness! Here I was thinking I would never have grandchildren. I'm truly so happy at this point, I don't mind dying. Well after the twins are born.."

"Grandpa!" Leo said with disapproval.

"He won't die, he just loves joking around.." Luc added but Leo was still concerned. He had spent so much time with Ben. He had learnt a lot of French phrases but pronunciation was still a big factor sometimes it even hurt to speak. Leo loved the new environment. At one point it had just been him and his mother but now he had two grandpa's, a grandmother, an uncle, a father.. Lyle. Leo just felt like he finally had the family that he yearned for. It wasn't anywhere close to normal but he loved it.

Della and Andre could see how happy he was whenever he was around Ben and Luc. Andre and Della had been in such a honeymoon phase. Della was actually enjoying her pregnancy. It was so relaxed and she got pampered constantly. Ben would cook for her some healthy meals that he claimed he also cooked for Jeanine when she was pregnant. She loved the fact that it seemed every single male in the Levetté was a good cook. It was just in them.

Andre had taken her sight seeing, he had been the perfect gentleman. They went to Paris for the weekend where, he pampered her with so much love and affection. She even had the liberty of seeing their family photo album and looking at little Andre. He looked like a replica of Leo. All in a all Andre had been nothing but a sweetheart. They got to spend time just the two of them as if Leo wasn't even there. She got time to think about where she stood with Andre. She loved him and there was absolutely no need for her to put this distant.

Maybe it was the way other women looked at him. He didn't have a ring on his finger, he looked absolutely single and ready to mingle. That bothered her, she then realized that is the very same insecurity that Andre was having. She also wanted people to know that he was taken, he was absolutely off the market.

Everyday he proved to her that he was now better. That he was molding himself to be the best partner and father he could be. It was in the way that he looked at her or when she was sleeping in his arms and she could hear his fast paced heartbeat. Fast paced because he claimed that he felt uneasy around her, it wasn't something that would change. It was the same excitement that made him look at her like a dime.

They got married.

In Lyon France, with Ben and Luc as wit

we have PG13.."

Andre and Della then pulled back from each other, letting out a laugh. Leo then asked the Judge if he could do it. He replied sure. They didn't know what he want to do but as soon as he handed the phone to Luc. Walking up to his parents.

"I now pronounce you Husband and Wife." Leondre yelled making an echo in the empty court room.

Andre had someone take photos from afar, not even Della had noticed but he planned on giving her these photos someday, when she least expected it. After the ceremony they went for dinner as a family and just generally laughed about their day. It felt somewhat surreal, it had really happened and they had gotten married yet again.

They were issued a issued a Livret de Famille (official book) that will have their marriage recorded in it. French people often use these books to record other family events later on, such as births and deaths.

All in all it was a happy day.

"Are you sure you want to do this? You really don't have to. You can't be forced into whatever that you don't want to." Andre said yet again.

"I want to.. I spoke to your mom and she told me what to do and so on. I would to clean up my image.." She replied.

"Do you want me to come with?"

"Ofcourse you're coming with, you have to give your side of the story."

Andre nodded, listening to his wife.

Della had been approached by the editor of People's magazine. She said she wanted to give Della and Andre the cover page for the next months issue. She made some valid points saying Della had to clean up her image. The public only knew her for the horrible false deeds that had been said but they didn't know the real truth. Della spoke to her mother-in law who agreed and said it was a great idea for a clean slate. Jeanine agreed to giving her side of the story. Everyone would know what really happened.

Closing it off with the truth for a new beginning.

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