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   Chapter 87 Just don`t feed him noodles

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Lyle had been crying.

"He will be fine, don't worry about him." Marcela assured her daughter as she took small steps with her crutches on either side of her armpits. She had improved over the past month, she wasn't fully disabled. Her body had just forgotten how normal functions used to work and it just needed a little reminding of everyday routines.

"I feel horrible." Della said softly.

"You and Andre can't take care of him forever, he needs to eventually come home. I'm really glad Gerald and I settled things.." Marcela said taking a seat in their lavish living room.

"You did?" Della questioned, clearly surprised.

"Yes, he said Lyle could stay with Garreth and I then weekends would be his."

"Wow that's great, I thought he was an unreasonable person."

"Gerald is a great man, I just ruined him.. like everything else that I touch." Marcela said a little sad. Della didn't want to say anything because it was true and she wouldn't lie to her. It was great that they were on speaking terms.

"So are you ready to go to France?" She changed the subject.

Della smiled widely laying her right hand on her belly bump.

"Yes, a little nervous.."


"I don't know, Andre doesn't want us to stay in a hotel. He wants us to stay in their family home with his father and brother. I just feel nervous—"

"But you know them... what's the big deal?" Marcela shrugged.

"I guess, I'm just anxious."

"Everything will be okay, have fun. Don't worry about Lyle."

"I feel bad because Andre and I promised him that he would come with us. That was before we knew that he didn't have a passport and that may take a while. I will make it up to him.." She sighed. "Hopefully.."

"He is just being a brat, don't mind him."

"Marcela!" Della warned. "You need to start being considerate about his feelings. You need to stop putting everything aside just so you don't have to deal with it. If he is crying be there for him, don't just say.. he will be fine."

"Hilarious, my own daughter teaching me how to be a mother—" Marcela jokes but then looked to see that her daughter didn't seem amused.

"I was only joking... wow don't you have a sense of humor or your pregnancy is to blame.." Marcela uncomfortably laughed.

Della breathed in and out before replying.

"Just treat Lyle well, I already spoke to Garreth and I know he is great with kids especially Leo. Your job will be minimum."

"You think I can't take care of my own son?"

"Just don't feed him noodles on a daily.." Della retorted standing up to leave.

"Della, I'm trying for us to bond." Marcela sighed. "Come tell me about any pregnancy problems you have been having.."

"Nothing, I'm fine." Della replied quickly. "I actually needed that with Leo's pregnancy not now. I don't hate you or anything like that but you can't just expect everything to be peach perfect."

"Oh..." She paused. "Where is Leo?"

"With his grandmother—" Della replied.

"Adela! You really let the woman who sabotaged your marriage to be near your son? She is capable of poisoning him."

"She has changed unlike someone, I know.. Jeanine was invited to a kids pageant as a surprise judge. She wanted to take Leo with her and I don't think there anything wrong with that. They have became really close.."

Marcela nodded with disgust.

"So when will I also get to hang out with him? Or is it because I'm not rich like her?"

"Not everything is about money Marcela! You can't even take care of your own son, I can't trust you around mine. Besides don't act like you ever cared about him."

"For fucksake why are you so bitter?"

Della knew this conversation would end in a heated argument.

"You're insensitive and—" she paused, it wasn't worth it. "You know what, it doesn't matter."

When Della


Leo entered the room. In his pajamas, he didn't hesitate climbing in the bed. Della hadn't told him that she was expecting, it just sort of slipped of her mind.

"Mom, dad.." Leo said in a sad tone. "Do you still love me? Or you're bored of me."

"Ofcourse we love you sweetie, why would you think that.."

"Then why are you having another baby, you want to replace me? Or you're just fat!" Leo said with a sigh.

"Yes, mommy is having two more babies but—"

Leo immediately started groaning. "Two more? Mommy how can you do that? You said I would always be your only child. You promised, you said we would get a dog but not a baby not even two. I don't like them... I won't like them..." Leo huffed.

Della remembered, it was basically all her fault for telling him that she would never get married or settle with a man. She didn't think she would ever be pregnant again either, not only because it painful and all but because she just didn't see herself doing that.. with who of all people. She was comfortable with her life and knowing that she would never be in love... ever!

"They're girls, don't you want to little sisters to play with?" Andre persuaded him pinching his cheeks.

"They're girls?" Leondre suddenly changed his tone.

"Yes, twins."

"Oh wow, I'm having sisters that are twins? That's so cool. I thought you were having boys to replace me. I can't believe I'm having two sisters, I can't wait to tell Lyle?"

Andre and Della looked at each other and smiled.

"I'm a big brother." Leo announced. "When are they coming? Mommy please don't die!" Leo said quickly. This made his parents laugh.

"September.." Andre and Della said in unison.

"I can't wait, dad when will we paint their room?"

"We're going to France, we won't have time but I will hire someone to do all the work. Are you excited for France?" Andre asked watching his son biting on his lip. Whenever he was thinking of a reply or anything.. he always bit on his bottom lip.

"Super excited, I want to see the Eiffel Tower. I want to go on an airplane.."

Andre turned to look at Della.

"He has never been one okay?! It's not like I had money to waste on traveling." Della said going to the bathroom. As soon as the door was closed shut. Andre whispered..

"The girls make mommy a little snappy.."

Leo whispered.

"She was shouting at me for leaving my unwashed glass in the sink. Mommy is so moody.."

Andre whispered.

"Don't mind her.."

Della immediately yelled.

"I heard that! All of it."

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