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   Chapter 86 Ready for the Main course

Judas Kiss. By Antonette Liebermann Characters: 10846

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"Is the door locked?"

Della asked scared that Lyle and Leo might find them doing this. She felt very self conscious also she felt that there was absolutely no need to do this but Andre was excited to start this album collection of his. A month had passed, Della was now in her fourth month. Caring twins meant she had doubled up the size, she looked to be in her fifth month. At the fourth month the doctor had mentioned that the twins were still tiny but were already developing all kinds of features such as eyebrows and eyelashes. Amazingly now they have their own finger prints and will soon have a crop of hair on top of their heads.

Della and Andre had already found out on their appointment from the day before that they were having twin girls. Andre was more emotional than Della. He said he couldn't believe that this was happening and at a certain point he thought his life was over and had lost all hope in love and all the good stuff that it came with. Della had hugged him with no intention of letting go, she absolutely loved that he could be absolutely weak in front of her. The CEO, big shot Andre Levetté could be vulnerable in front of Della and only Della. He could absolutely let his guard down when it came to her.

Della could now feel and make up when the twins were moving. With all their hiccups and yawning. Her breathing had become labored. It worried her at first until Dr. Manisha said yes they were already practicing their breathing by pushing up against her lungs with their hiccups. The sensations felt like butterflies and somewhat ticklish at times.

"It's alright Della, the twins are snoozing, stretching, swallowing even thumb-sucking already testing out their reflexes and abilities. By the end of this month they will measure about six to eight inches in length. And both weigh approximately six ounces. Everything is perfect normal and fine." The doctor assured the expecting couple.

"Andre, I'm not so sure about this.." Della whined.

"You're beautiful Della, you look absolutely stunning. I promise chéri, just do this for the twins... and me."

"C-can I atleast wear my underwear..?"

"Chéri, then it wouldn't be called a nude pregnancy photo shoot. Remember we talked about this and you said you wanted this as well. I won't allow any other men to see you like this that's why I'm photographing all this by myself so you feel comfortable alright mon angé?"

Della was about to drop her gown leaving her naked—

"Andre... can you turn around?"

Andre chuckled as if she had said the funniest joke on earth. He couldn't stop laughing. He was kneeling on the grey carpeted floor with the camera in hand. Della stood against the clear white wall in their master bedroom that would lead to their Victorian balcony.

"How many times have I see you naked Della? I'm the reason why you're in that position, there's nothing to be insecure about!" He assured her. Della was worried about the spider veins on her breasts, due to being loaded with milk from the pregnancy. She felt as if it didn't look appealing.

"We will only snap three pictures then choose the best one... after all we will do this once a month until the twins are here.."

She sighed.

"Just three then I can put ba

le to piss Off Garreth really irritated Marcela. "Are you sure you aren't pretending to not being able to use your legs? We know you're a compulsive liar dear." He added.

"What so you can push me off the stairs when no one is watching?"

"I'm offended." Garreth faked a sigh. "Your husband threw all your clothes on his front yard and I had to send someone to get your valuables."

Marcela felt a pang of hurt.

"Does he know that, I'm being discharged?"

"Yes, his exact words were 'she can go fuck herself' anyways I'm here!" Garreth was enjoying dishing out all of this at Marcela. Seemingly he found it amusing how she suddenly had no sarcastic reply.

"Does he know that I can't walk yet?"

"He hanged up before I could tell him. He says you said sign the divorce otherwise he won't grant you visitation for Lyle when he returns home."

Marcela immediately sniffled.

"Garreth, you're really going to let him to this to do?"

Garreth shrugged. "Cute manipulating skills, next time try actually bringing out a few of those tears."

"Why are you so cruel?" Marcela yelled.

Garreth chuckled.

"This will be entertaining, we're going to have so much fun Marcy. I will help you bathe and all of the above."

Marcela cringed. "You bastard!"

"You're welcome dear, now smile that frown brings out all your wrinkles into view."

Their little quarrel was disturbed by the doctor who came in to discharge Marcela. Signing all the necessary forms before allowing Garreth and the patient to do the same. The doctor wished them well as the nurse cleared the bed, getting it ready for the next patient who would be moving into the very same room. One of Garreth's recently hired man. Pushed Marcela on her wheelchair as they got ready to leave. Marcela only scrolled at them. Garreth walked beside them taking a business call.


"Do you like it? I just recently bought it." Garreth announced, pertaining the house he had bought in Manhattan. Marcela really liked it, it was much bigger than the house she shared with her husband.

"It's nice." Marcela said genuinely trying not to seem like she liked it more than she had said.

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