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   Chapter 85 I hated France, French everything

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Della looked at the ring on her finger, skeptical. Had she made the right decision last night. She felt awful about the whole situation. Somehow, Della also found it comforting that she had voiced out her thoughts and not merely pushed everything under the rug and went straight for the chapel.

"Oh my God! It's so beautiful wow... I mean getting married wouldn't be so bad." Mila said staring at Della's ring. She was currently at Mila and Alfredo's suite. Mila's stomach had grown tremendously bigger from the last they had seen each other. "What was his reaction to your answer?"

"I think.. he was okay with it. I don't know, I feel like he was expecting it but still tried.." Della replied.

"Are you okay?" Andre rushed to be of aid.

Della replied yes as she rinced her mouth on the basin. Andre's heart was beating so fast, this was very very very nerve-racking. The first he did this, he was full of confidence. It didn't worry him that much, that he would be rejected. He felt as if everything was in his favor back then but now it was a different story altogether. He had broken that trust and getting her to commit to him and trust him again would be absolutely backbreaking because she was so firm in her beliefs. Della had built a wall around her and it would be hard to get around it. No sex included, gifts included, cheesy words included, even with being pregnant with his child.

"I'll be right there.." she informed him as she continued to take her time brushing her teeth. Why would he do this? Why would he put her in such a position? Della winced while brushing her teeth. Another attempt to avoid the whole situation altogether. She even wished someone would call her with an emergency, maybe Leo could run into their room like he always did; anything at this point!

When she was done, Andre was waiting for her. He sat on their bed switching channels on the television. From football to baseball.. he seemed really disoriented. Della yet again went to hide in the closet, as she picked out her night dress as well as put lotion all over her body. Just to kill time. She knew she was being pathetic simultaneously, Andre told himself he wasn't going anywhere. He laid the ring on his bedside and waited for her.

Della was disappointed when she walked out of the closet to see Andre awake on his phone. She went on her side of the bed and made herself comfortable.

"It's a no!" He said his voice raspy. "Right?"

Della didn't miss the way his somber blue orbs, held so much sadness.

"Don't be so quick to assume... I really loved ring and the gesture?"

"But?" He replied, immediately entwining his hand with hers. Her hand was soft and warm, it fit perfectly in his.

"I'm—" She couldn't find the right words. "I don't want to get married. I told myself, I would never do it again. As much as I tried to be optimistic about our wedding, it was horrible. I felt like an outcast at my own wedding. I tried really hard to convince myself that it didn't matter because you seemed happy and.. I don't want to ever go through that again. I don't want people to have expectations of me as your wife. I know someone out there will be waiting for the day we finally divorce again. I'm just not going to put myself thr

dn't want to let it go."

They stayed silent.

"But you know, anyone would have believed you if you said Leo was mine. He looks so much like me, I still find it weird even mannerism." Andre added.

"I thought I was being punished that's why. When he first opened his eyes, I just knew I was being punished further. For some months, I told myself at least he has my hair color... I spoke too soon. As soon as he turned one, he suddenly had streaks of blonde hair."

Andre laughed, this made Della smile. Somehow talking about this gave both of them the closure that he needed.

"Whenever I took Leo to the park in his stroller, they would always ask me if I was babysitting. It actually bothered me that my own son looked nothing like me." She said tracing his shirtless bicep.

"Did you ever think about aborting when you first found out?" He asked out of the blue.

"No but adoption did cross my mind. I constantly thought about the fact that, I couldn't let my son grow up in a community shelter when there was a family out there who could give him a better life..." she sighed. "When he finally came, I couldn't let him go. He was just perfect. It gave me more reason to want to live.."

"You wanted to commit suicide?" He said in a panicked voice, not knowing what he would have done.

"I—" Della sighed heavily, she was really in a dark place at the time. "The fact that I was pregnant kept me from not... doing it. I just couldn't, I thought it would be easier after he was born and I gave him up for adoption. I know I was a coward but that's just how I felt at the time. Even worse when Marcela had chased me away and told me I was stupid for getting pregnant. As if it was my fault. As if I had actually known that I would be divorced a month later.."

"I'm glad you didn't do it. You have no idea how relieved I feel. I understand your reasons for not wanting to marry me again but I don't care. As long as you're with me a label doesn't matter. I will wait until you're ready to overcome it."

"Thank you.." She replied softly. He didn't reply as he kissed her temple with containment.

"He was very understanding." Della told Mila.

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