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   Chapter 84 It`s tears of joy

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She tried going on with her day like nothing happened. Amber was a good distraction, she tried to enjoy herself but it was always at the back of her mind. She remembered Marko... she didn't understand if that was her mother being inlove or being stupid. He was manipulating and cunning. He had been in prison for seven years before being released. She knew he never cared about Marcela when he left her alone trying to catch her breath, trying to merely just breath on the verge of death. He would always make Marcela sleep with other men just so he could pay their debts. Marcela thought they were each other's ride or die or maybe she was just highly addicted and he always had the fix. Della doubted it being love, they both used each other for their fucked up choice of life style. When Andre had started giving Della attention, Marko had been quick to say that she should make Andre trust her that way they could have an insider for a planned heist at the Levetté warehouse. When she refused Marko gave her a hard backhand slap.

Days seemed to be better when the two ran off together... sadly they always came back. In much more trouble, with bigger debts. Marko tragically died, Della still didn't know the full story but rumors were that he messed with the wrong ones. Marcela never talked about it. Luckily Andre was good enough of a person to send Marcela to rehab... when she came out she disappeared. Della only found out later that she had gotten married to a somewhat noble looking man. Della was genuinely happy for her mother. Marcela then told Della that she didn't want anything to do with her. She was starting her life afresh and didn't need any past reminders.

A few years down the line, here they were now.

"Hi Mrs. McCarthy, I hope this isn't bad timing.." Dr. Manisha said on the other side of the line.

"Not at all." She replied. She had just gotten back from her spa day with Amber, it's was currently four pm.

"Great, i just noticed something from our ultrasound the other day.. I'm really concerned." She said, this made Della's heart skip a beat.

"Is everything okay?"

"I can only confirm when you're here, if I'm not inconveniencing you. You don't need to book for an appointment."

"I will be there in twenty, let me just speak to my partner." Della nervously replied. She was so afraid. What if something was wrong with the baby? What if her baby isn't developing normally? Is her child a Down syndrome? It didn't matter, she would love him/her with all her heart. Della laid her hand on her stomach and silently prayed. A small curve was developing. She could tell because her jeans weren't buttoning up.

Thank goodness, Jeanine had offered to take the boys for the day. It was just Mother's Day, nothing special but for some reason she insisted on having them over.

Andre's only rang twice before he answered.

"Andre, you need to meet me the hospital something is wrong with the baby.!"? She said almost quivering.

He didn't ask anymore questions. "I will be there right now."

Good thing she had been seated in the car the whole time. Contemplating what had became of her life.. she felt as if things were about to get worse.


Getting to the hospital had been easy for the both of them. Andre arrived earlier, Della arrived later. Dr. Manisha greeted them and asked them to join her for another ultra sound. Della gripped Andre's hand tightly. She was panicking and she knew it wasn't good for the baby. Not at this point when something was wrong.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to alarm you but I just thought I should

with me. I don't deserve you but you're still here with me. I didn't deserve it but you still bore me a son. I still don't deserve it and here you're carrying our child. I promise to stop saying I don't deserve you and put up the work, time and effort so you can receive exactly what you deserve. The love you give me. The mother you're to my kids and the love of my life. I will always be in some kind of love with you. Even when you're far away and not with me. I love you Adela and Happy Mother's Day. Fate couldn't have chosen a better woman to carry my treasures in this thing we call life.

"I didn't know, we would be having twins when I wrote that." Andre chuckled nervously but Della stayed stagnant. Here she was crying again.

"I-m j-j-ust so overwhelmed.." she hiccuped as she stood up to hug Andre. He loved that she fit perfectly in his arms. He hugged her and let her cry with no intention of letting go.

"I don't want you to cry!" She whispered wiping away her tears using his thumb.

"It's tears of joy.." she replied.

He felt this was the perfect moment.

"I have another gift, the final one before we go have dinner downstairs.."

"Okay.." Della hastily wiped her tears trying to compose herself.

He went down on one knee, at this point.. Della was hoping it wasn't what she thought it was.

"Adela McCarthy please make me the happiest man by being my wife.. again. For the second time, allow me to do things right?" He said opening the black box with a rose gold crossover ring.

Della couldn't breath, she felt as if the walls were curving in on her

Della couldn't breath, she felt as if the walls were curving in on her. Looking in his somber blue eyes, she got the fear of fear creeping up her spine. She didn't know what to do? She would be a hypocrite if she threw all her views away. She was scared of commitment, it had scarred her once and she just couldn't. The ring looked exactly like one she had imagined for the character in her book just more beautiful in person. She never thought she would see her idea come to life.

She immediately ran to the bathroom to relentlessly throw up. Her morning sickness just had the perfect timing or was it her gag reflex because it had saved her from Spencer.. she was pretty sure it was her pregnancy.

For a moment she was thankful she got a few moments to think while facing the toilet seat.

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