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   Chapter 82 I will never marry again

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Della couldn't stop laughing at the story that Mila had just told her over the phone. She found it hilarious.

"He even wanted us to go to the doctor to check if everything was okay.."

Della continued to laugh. She got looks from Andre who was putting on his tie on the other side of the room. Della was still in bed fatigued from practically doing nothing. She felt lazy and at least as of now she could blame it on the baby.

"Hold on

"Hold on.." Della said trying to catch her breath from laughing. "I have another call coming in.."

"Okay!" Mila replied.

Della then out Mila on hold then answered Amber's call.

"Hi, Della!" Amber said in a highly enthusiastic voice.

"Hey, Avrah's mom, happy Mother's Day!" Della said in a quirky voice. Andre shock his head giving Della a sublime smile. Della just rolled her eyes at his attempt to make fun of her.

"Avrah's mom has a nice ring to it huh?" Amber replied. "Happy Mother's Day to you too Leo's mom."

"Thank you!"

"Any plans for the day?" Amber questioned.

"Uhm nothing, I was just planning to visit Marcela in hospital then come back home and sleep because I'm so tired and I don't know why.." Della sighed, Andre was attentively listening to the call.

"You're pregnant silly, you obviously know why!" Amber joked. Della felt good, she was happy she had gotten to share her news with Amber a while back. Keeping her pregnancy to herself felt like being excited to share something but you couldn't because you would risk hurting someone's feelings. She just didn't want that but Amber was really nice and supportive. Della felt happy that she at least had someone to rant to when her mood swings were all over the place or if she had problems with her feelings and just basically needed a friend.

"Right.." Della said softly.

"Anyways how about you visit Marcela, greet her for me. Then after dropping Lyle and Leo home, you can come over. Danny booked me a spa day and I get to bring a plus one."

"Aw Amber, you're really sweet. Are you sure you?" Della questioned, she didn't want to just be a buzzkill on Amber's gift from her husband. Ever since Mila's outburst, she had suddenly learnt to be considerate. She thought she always was but Mila interpreted it differently.

"Ofcourse, going to the spa alone would be boring besides I want us to be as close as we use to be."

"That sounds awesome, how's Avrah?"

"THAT GIRL CAN SCREAM!!" Amber said in an exaggerated tone. "I was going to go crazy if Daniel didn't think of giving me a spa day as a Mother's Day gift. I could really use a break. I love love my baby to bits but she can cry her lungs out like a siren. I haven't heard a good nights sleep in so long.."

"You will get used to it, plus it gets better.."

"Get used to it? I couldn't wait to get away from her this morning when her Gladys came to babysit but now I miss her so much.."

"That's being a mother.." Della laughed.

"Let me know when you leave the hospital then our mothers spa day can begin." Amber practically sang.

"Great, I'm excited."

"Alright, stay safe on the road soon to be mom."

Della only rolled her eyes with amusement as the call ended.

"Mila?" She called.

"Hey, I'm still here just watching child birth deliveries.. looks awful." She replied.

"Don't worry, Alfredo will be there and I will too if you want me there."

"Ofcourse I want you to be


"Really mom? That's the first thing you have to say to me after you almost died?"

Marcela frowned, guilt seeping in. She noticed that his hair was different, he must have gotten a different hair cut, he looked clean and well fed. He must have also grown four inches taller from the last time she saw him.

"I have been staying with Della and Andre.. I didn't want to go with dad because you know how he can be. He called me to tell me that you're awake.. he also said that you were getting divorced.." Lyle said softly. His mom felt horrible.

"I know you can't take care of me.. you don't even have a job." Lyle sighed. "Please mom, I'm begging you please sign my custody to Andre and Della. They make me so happy, I love playing with Leo and guess what? Andre made me a room at his house. We painted it together with Leo. My room is right next to Leo's room." Lyle said in an excited tone. "We have a movie room and a game room in the basement. Andre really cool. Remember how I told you that I hated being skinny and lanky?"

"Andre said he used to feel the same way as a kid until he starting working out and all that. We have been doing morning runs together and I eat a lot.." he laughed. "Whenever Della cooks. I'm trying to put on a bit of weight. I want to be like Andre when I grow up. My clothes didn't fit anymore since dad is always busy and you too. Andre and Della bought me new clothes and shoes. All my friends were impressed because they use to tease me saying I wear things that don't fit me."

"Also I think the guest room next to mine, we will make it for the baby. I hope it's a girl.."

Marcela's eyes immediately bulged out. She grabbed her notepad and wrote:

Della is pregnant?

Lyle replied "Yes, she is really excited, I am too. Can you believe Leo thought you were his Della's friend.. when I told him about you being his granny—"

Marcela felt out of control. She thought Gerald would atleast come to see her but he didn't. He only sent his lawyer to force her to sign the divorce papers at which she faked a panic attack. Now her son was telling her that he didn't miss her at all. Above all Della was really pregnant so it wasn't a dream. Everything that she remembered was all true—

Della really wished her dead.

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