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   Chapter 81 You can`t blame her

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When Andre had convinced Della to see her beloved mother; Marcela the next day. Della had no idea that it was Mother's Day. She always dreaded that day ever since she was a little girl, watching her cards and crafts being shredded and destroyed by her unappreciative mother. The day became less dreadful when Leo came into her life. He always made the day eventful even with the smallest of things. She really appreciated it.

"Guyyyys—" Della blushed, still in the blankets; they covered her lower half. She couldn't help but smile broadly at Leo and Lyle standing there with a metallic tray of English breakfast and roses. She had been sleeping in a lot lately. She had taken maternity leave way early, she didn't plan on just quitting her job immediately because she was now with Andre.

"Happy Mother's Day! I love you 3000." Leo said with a huge smile. Della immediately turned to look at Andre curiously.

"The boys wanted to watch End game so... did I." He shrugged.

Leo immediately hugged his mom and gave her a kiss on the cheek. Lyle awkwardly stood there.. he felt—


"Come here Lyle!" Della called for her brother to join the king size bed party. He immediately grinned, jumping onto the bed, giving Della a hug as well. Andre was already dressed in casual shorts and a plain gray adidas sleeveless T-shirt. It seemed he had just came from his morning run. The veins on his hands and his arms made her have very indecent thoughts. He just looked so... edible.

"Lyle made the toast also the bacon and eggs, I poured the juice." Leo said proudly.

"Wow great team work!" Della said taking a bite. It tasted really... well the bread was a bit over toasted like rock hard with black quads here and there. She smiled at them giving them, a big thumbs up. Atleast the eggs where well done. Della hadn't realized that Andre was gone until she heard the shower running.

"Thank you, I really enjoyed this but I will finish later.."

"You liked it right?" Lyle questioned.

"Loved it! It's just that I have been having a migraine since yesterday." She told them which wasn't exactly a lie.

"Sweetie, can you put this in the microwave for me? Please and thank you!" She told Leo. Who frowned at first but the took the tray.. "Only because you're my mom." Leo muttered.. "Plus it's Mother's Day."

"Your father called right?" Della changed the subject turning to Lyle.

"Yeah.. he said mom is awake."

"Aren't you happy? I'm going to see her today.. we should go together." She suggested. "Then we can pick up a cute card."

"Uhm.. she doesn't like cards.."

Della knew that all too well but she assumed Marcela had been different with Lyle.

"I can't afford the things she wants, that's why I never buy her anything even on her birthday." He groaned. "Also I'm really mad at her.."


"Because she wanted to die! I know she is useless and nothing would have changed but she didn't hesitate wanting to die.. you know Della.." He scoffed. "At school they speak to us about suicide awareness and.. I should be the one being that childish blaming it on being a teen not my own mom. If she had died? I would have to tell people for the rest of my life that 'my mother died when I was thirteen' 'or how? She killed herself'" Lyle sounded so bitter saying these things. He stared at the white sheets intently. "For reasons I don't know but if I had to guess it was probably for something that wasn't worth it."

"I'm sorry Lyle.."

"It's okay! Atleast I have you now. My family isn't all that crazy after all. Except for Leo who cries whenever he loses."

ill get approached even when pregnant.. some men have no boundaries what so ever; also have you thought about the fact that she feels the same way. You also attract a lot of gold diggers.."

"You're probably right but still what do you think? Should I give it a try?"

"Della is literally scared of marriage or some permanent commitment. I don't know maybe she might have a change of heart." Jeanine reasoned. "Have you thought about counseling maybe premarital counseling?"

"I don't know.."

"You should, you and Della have a lot to talk about.."

"I don't know.." Andre repeated childishly. This was something he used to do as a child that he knew absolutely annoyed his mother but she just shrugged laughing it off.

"What about you.. are you going for therapy?"

"Yes otherwise I would have gone mad."

Andre nodded then there was silence.

"I'm sorry, things turned out this way.." he felt guilty, was it his fault that his parents got divorced maybe he shouldn't have texted his father.

"It wasn't your fault Andre, our marriage was already hanging by a loose thread. This was just the pinnacle of it all." Jeanine smiled. "Are you excited about the baby?"

"Yeah.." Andre grinned. "A lot actually. It's just so weird, I never thought I could be this happy. I just feel so at peace with my life. Della agreeing to marry me again would be the second best thing. This time you won't intervene in any wedding plans. I want it to be her wedding.. everything I want it to be her plans and ideas."

"I highly respect that.. considering that wedding I made all the plans and didn't take any of her opinions into consideration but.." Jeanine sighed. "That's when I knew this girl loved you, she took everything I threw at her just so she could make you happy. Not once did she badmouth me or turn you against me."

"I will totally understand if she turns me down but at least I tried."

"What ring did you get her?"

"Uhm.. when I was reading her manuscript I read a part where she mentioned a ring and described it in detail and how she thought it was very beautiful. I had a copy of that whole paragraph drawn and custom made with her name on it."

"Aw Andre.. that's so thoughtful."

"I hope she likes it."

"Just know that if she does say no. It's okay, she has been through so much and that's a big step for her. Be patient with her.."

"Thanks Mama, I will."

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