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   Chapter 79 Please keep them away from me

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VIt had been a long day that turnt into a long night. The doctors were not saying anything, they kept going in and out. Della was frozen, she didn't know what she was feeling.. fear, guilt? She held onto Andre with all her might. She loved the comfort and warmth his body provided. He whispered things like—

'Are you hungry?'

'Everything will be fine, Ma belle.'

'Whatever happens, I'm here for you.'

He even accompanied her to the bathroom. He didn't care that the sign said 'ladies' as he waited for her inside while browsing through his emails. He gave her a small smile when she returned in his arms. With his oversized Armani blazer on her shoulders, Andre thought she looked adorable. He was concerned, the eyebags under her eyes.. she looked tired.

When they returned to their ward.

"Della, Dr. Schmidt said he wanted to talk to us. I decided to wait for you." Garreth paused. "Whatever it is we can go through it together."

Andre decided to distance himself. He wasn't sure how Garreth felt about him but he was here for Della. He didn't care what anyone thought of it but he did respect their privacy.

"Is it bad?" She questioned in a panicked tone.

"I don't know, he just said he need to speak to us in his office."

"Can Andre come, I want him beside me." Della said almost immediately.

"Of course dear, he is family."

For some odd reason Della smiled, even though the fear still ate at her. The fear of whatever the doctor had to say. Andre was relieved, it was a good feeling finally getting her father's approval.

They waited in Doctor Schmidt's office anticipating the worst. The nurses had told them that he said he would be back shortly. Della could only think about the words she had relentlessly said out of anger. She did mean them and she had been wanting to say them for a long time but as of now.. she kind of regretted it. Della was pretty sure, Marcela was listening.. if she wasn't then why did she react the way that she did. Marcela has always been a drama Queen like a villain in telenovela.

"My apologies..." A bald man with a khaki envelope and white coat entered the room. "There was a patient, I had to attend to almost immediately. I hope you didn't wait too long?"

"Not at all.." Garreth said.

Andre was quietly running circles on Della's hand with his thumb. Yes, he was allowed to be in the room but he wasn't going to push it by saying something unwanted. He preferred to be quiet and comforting towards Della.

"Well, I guess I won't beat around the bush." He sighed. "I have good news and bad news—"

At this point, Garreth and Della were shivering with anticipation. Garreth didn't want to show any weakness but his right leg was shaking. He wouldn't be able to handle it—

Della had Andre.

"The good news is we managed to save Marcela. She is stable, we were just taking a few tests on her."

There was a huge sigh of relief in the room. Della reached for her father's hand as Andre held her other hand. She squeezed, Garreth's hand. Garreth felt very overwhelmed, taking out his handkerchief dabbing softly on his eyes. He didn't know where the tears were coming from. Della had cried so much in her life time that now the time she should be crying with joy... she didn't have any tear.

"The bad news is.. whether someone fully returns to normal after b

ely rang making himself excuse himself to answer it.

Garreth was now extremely curious.

"Is Spencer bothering you?" He quickly questioned.

She shook her head. Andre decided to look away and distance himself from Garreth, he didn't know what his reaction would be.

"No.." she sighed. "I'm expecting.." instinctively her hand touched her stomach.

"Expecting what?" Garreth asked not seeming very overjoyed.

"A child."

Garreth chuckled.


Della frowned.

"Please I'm begging you Adela, please tell me it's not with the same... man."

Della felt bad. Why had she expected him to be happy? He did after all day Andre is family. It seemed many people were against the idea of her and Andre being together. She knew Mila felt the same way about her relationship with Andre.

"I love him." She defended.

"Is that any reason to.." He paused thin lines immediately appearing in his forehead. "Was this a mistake because there a many alternatives darling. You don't have to tie yourself to a Amman unworthy of your love for it."

"It wasn't a mistake.. we planned it."

"At this point, I can't tell who you take after because I happen to be very smart. I can't say the same about Marcy since she tried to kill her self and now she is dumb and bedridden."

Now that Marcela wasn't dead or dying. It seemed Garreth had also went back to being his old self. He wasn't as nice or vulnerable as he was during her coma. Della was genuine hurt, she expected anything but this from him. Was he right? Maybe he was. Maybe they rushed things.. it felt right but now she had her doubts.

"He makes me happy." She reasoned.

Garreth seemed defeated watching how sad his daughter looked.

"I'm sorry.. I shouldn't have said that. I suppose I'm overly protective of you."

"It's okay!"

"If you're happy then I'm absolutely happy. I didn't get to have as many kids but it brings me joy to know I will have more grandchildren."

Della smiled widely immediately giving him a bone crushing hug. All her life she felt alone but now she had Garreth, Andre, Leo and Lyle. It was a small family but it meant so much to her.

She didn't yearn for Marcela's love anymore. That ship had long sailed.

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