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   Chapter 78 Enjoy your comfy bed

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"Alright, I'm heading out now.." Della alerted grabbing her car keys from the bowels in the middle of the kitchen island.

They ignored her.

"Leo? Lyle? I said I'm heading out!" She repeated.

"Okay mom." Leo said seeming unbothered focusing on their game. Della felt they were becoming addicts. Right after writing their homework's they would be on it. When she stayed with Leo, just the two of them. He wasn't a problem because he played alone until he was bored and tired of it but now he had Lyle who had introduced him to even much exhilarating games. Also he had someone to play with.

"Lyle don't you want to come see your mom, I'm headed to the hospital?"

"Uhm.. no." He shrugged.

"Why not? You haven't seen her in so long.. you must miss her."

"Uhm... not really.."

Della was a tad bit hurt, she didn't stay with Marcela but she did kind of miss her a tad bit. Alright fine she sometimes forgot about her but that's only because she never played a big factor in her life. Either way, she was always at the back of her head.

"You don't miss your mom?" Leo questioned in the most adorable voice. Della's heart softened at the sight of him in his spongebob pajamas, he was the splitting image of his dad. Especially since the boys had went to get a hair cut with Andre. Leo decided to have a whiff like his dad.. so did Lyle. Della thought it was ridiculous but still cute.

"All she did was shout at me and leave me alone with noodles." Lyle replied.

"I would really miss my mom!" Leo declared, he seemed to be a deep thought. Della felt overwhelmed, she loved her little boy so much. She had grown to love Lyle as a brother as well.

"Of course you would, that's because your mom is nice. She is the greatest baker and cook. She makes your lunch boxes. She cooks breakfast, lunch and dinner for you. All my mom ever did was give me dry two minute noodles while she dressed up to go out every other day." Lyle ranted. "I think that's why Gerald beats her at times, she had a boyfriend."

"Did you tell your dad that Gerald beat her?" Leo gasped innocently. They decided to ignore him.

"But she is still your mom and she loves you." Della replied.

"Not really.. I doubt it." Lyle said giving Della a shrug. "All she really cares about are her collection of fur coats and cobra skin handbags or purses whatever they're called." He paused. "Without her makeup.. she looks like someone I have never met before. I don't remember ever seeing her eyelashes that short.. it's weird seeing her like that. She looks so cold and white like a vampire, I guess that's because no one is giving her, her tan lotion or maybe she needs a little bit of the sun."

There was silence.

"A snake handbag?" Leo scrunched his nose with disgust. Was it bad that even at the worst moments, Della just adored the gestures her son made. He was so innocent.

"A bag made of out snake skin."

"Ewww!" Leo added.

"Anyways you should still come with?" Della replied.

"She is gonna die, isn't she?" Lyle said putting his console down, giving Della his full attention. His eyes were filled with worry and sadness.

Della didn't say anything.

"My friends at school said I'm dumb because I thought she would come back from a coma the next day or week. They said people in comas are half dead as soon as they remove the machines, she will be gone!"

"It's true.." Della paused. "But your mom won't die!"

There was no reason for Della to lie to her half brother, in all honesty. It would make things easier if their mom really did pass away.

"I don't want her die but at the same time I don't want to go back to living with her and my dad. I want to stay with you guys. In your big house, with loving parents and a chauffeur taking me to school."

"When your mom wakes up, I think she would want you to stay with her instead."

"That will be horrible." He sighed. "I won't h

l things."

"See.. Marcela. If we were a normal mother and daughter, I would probably give a hearty speech but we aren't. I figured you're probably going to die so why not dish out how I really feel about you before you decay in a wooden box."

"No one is to blame for this, you did this to yourself. If you can hear me well then great, if you can't well that's a shame. I will remind you when you wake up. If you die then oh well, this was a good therapy session for me."

"I actually feel sorry for you.."

"Your life was pretty pathetic, this is what I'm probably going to say at your funeral and I know how much you value other people's opinions. I will just dish it all out. How you were a prostitute, how you abandoned your daughter, how you sold your mother's precious jewel for some hipster pants to wear to a college party. Basically just tell them how pathetic you were—"

"But I suppose your sex teachings did come in handy. That's the only thing you were good at. I'd like to think, I really satisfy my man.." she laughed to herself. "I mean Andre. That's the only thing you ever taught me. That's the only thing you were good at."


"This was a nice little chat. I have a family to get back to. Someone that actually loves me and a son who thinks I'm a remarkable mother. Thanks for giving me a brother, I always wanted a brother. I'm glad we both didn't inherit your very low IQ, that would have been tragic. Lyle is very smart, I guess his father is smart too. That's how he makes his money. Garreth is smart too. You pick smart but crazy men. There's a very thin line between intelligent and losing it."

"Enjoy your comfy bed.." Della stood up. "I know you always loved luxury. This looks like a royal suite but hospital wise. Atleast you get to die in a presentable place. I always feared you would die in some dark alley or some ruined motel—"

The machine immediately started hyperventilating, beeping faster. Della panicked because she had not touched anything. Marcela's heartbeat beating twice as fast. Della was too shocked to move, she felt bad. Had she done something wrong? She still wouldn't take back her words. A nurse immediately came in after hearing the noise. The other nurse called for the doctor and Della was still stagnant in her spot.


They escorted her out saying something was happening to the patient. It was good because she had not had any movement in so long, it was also bad because she could probably be reacting to being brain dead then eventually dying.

The only thing Della could do was call Andre and Garreth.

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