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   Chapter 77 Please get out of me

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V"Oh good day, Mrs. Levetté, we have a reserved parking for you."


"It's good seeing you, Mrs. Levetté."

I guess..

"You look stunning Mrs. Levetté."

In this—

"Let me lead the way Mrs. Levetté."

Thank you.

"Mrs. Levetté, I'm really glad you're back."

Della had stopped correcting them, she wasn't Mrs. Levetté. That was Jeanine.. for goodness sake. Didn't anyone know how to pronounce McCarthy? She didn't want to seem rude so she followed along. This was a much different welcoming from the time when Jeanine had called her here. Called her to make sure that she wouldn't tell Andre anything.

Everyone passing by, greeted her.

She felt weird.

"Oh Good day, Mrs. Levetté good to see you!" Norah, Andre's personal assistant stood up from her desk quickly. She had been browsing through Instagram on her office iMac using the office WiFi. She was really caught off guard when she heard the elevator ding. No one else was on the twenty-third floor. There was Andre's office and his penthouse for instances when he stayed overnight.

Before Della had appeared in Andre's life, again. He practically lived here, he didn't want to go home. It was lonely. Luc used that to his advantage, throwing parties whenever Andre was out of the state, country or when he was just merely in his pent house.

"Hi." Della said nervously. She didn't know her, Norah must have been new. Obviously because it had been eight years.

"I'm Norah. You must be junior Levetté's wife.." Norah said with enthusiasm.

"I wouldn't exactly say—"

"Don't worry, I like girls—" Norah said immediately.

They both laughed because they had spoken at the same time.

"I just wanted to make that clear." She added, giving Della a quick smile.

"I'm also not Andre's wife, I just wanted to make that clear."

"Cool!" Norah replied becoming too comfortable. "Shit! I'm sorry, I mean alright ma'am."

"Fuck! Did I just say shit? I meant—" Norah facepalmed. "I'm sorry."

Della was amused. "It's okay Norah, calm down. You can call me Della and you can curse in front of me because trust me I do too. Andre is your boss not me." Della assured her.

"Oh thanks, I like you very much Mrs- I mean Della!" Norah bopped her head for a few second before going back behind her desk.

"Do I need to make an appointment or—" She politely asked.

"You're his wife— shit! Sorry I mean you're his companion and as a matter of fact. By the way Mr. Levetté speaks so highly of you. Never will you need an appointment. I don't know if you're using voodoo but he is whipped." She paused when Della burst out laughing. "No offense but it's really good for everyone here at the office except he should really consider giving me a little raise or bonus for the shit he put me through before you came... back!"

Norah was very talkative.

"I will let him know." Della said showing her pearly whites. She was glowing, as she put a strand of her jet black hair behind her ear.

Norah immediately cleared her throat looking away.


She didn't want to get lost in the eyes of her boss's 'wife' now did she?

"... Don't let him know! He would never let me hear the end of it." She said immediately after it had dawned onto her and she had to stop day dreaming. Della was beautiful, really beautiful.

No wonder, Mr. Levetté had a habit of coming in late for work in the morning. Norah thought to herself.

"I won't say you said it but I will just hint it." Della replied like a saint, Norah thought. She could really use a bonus.

"Add a little week vacation to Hawaii or something.." Norah immediately realized how

n't have to worry about make you pregnant right now." He teased. She giggled feeling the tip pressed and throbbing against her opening. She silently moaned.

He asked for confirmation to continue and she nodded. Her eyes filled with bliss and an unfamiliar glint of pleasure and need.

He pushed in slowly, he cursed at the feeling. This could never get old. She was so sleek, warm, delicate and tight. Della closed her eyes, she loved the feeling but taking him in at first was always so hard no matter how many times they did it. She was such a wimp or maybe Andre was just too gifted.

When Andre attempted to push it all in. Della whimpered.

"Ow, c-can we—" she whimpered against his chest.

Andre chuckled, pulling out.

"Ma belle, how will you have our baby when you can't even take dick?" He asked her. She shied away.

"I can okay..." she playfully hit his bare chest. It was just one of those days where she had low tolerance for adjustments.

He kissed her once more, she was distracted by his lips as he eased into her. She moaned at the feeling of having him inside her. He kissed her, moving in synch with their tongues and below. He went slow for the first few minutes. Before taking her hard. She cried in his arms, whimpered helplessly. He filled her completely. The way he nibbles on her on her earlobe wasn't helping either.

He upraised her like she weighed a feather. Deciding that he would take her against the wall. She held tight onto him as he did. The only sound audible was that of pleasure and skin smacking onto skin. Her back hard against the wall, she tightened around his girth everytime he slammed into her. Her moans muffled against his lips. She shivered with need and comfort.

She reached her high twice. Before he eased himself in her. It was warm, soft and it gave her a snazzy feeling. They stayed rooted in the same position trying to catch their breath.

"I hate you." She whispered still holding onto him tightly.

"I love you too." He gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"I hate you for teasing me." She let out.

"I know, I'm sorry. I get that you had not been with a man in a while.." he apologized sincerely.

"Okay, put me down!" She said shyly.

"You didn't say please?"

"Please get out of me and put me down!" She laughed.

"Get out of you, that really sounds wrong." He smirked.

"You know what I mean—"

He simply loved teasing her.

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