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   Chapter 76 You mean Alferdo is paying

Judas Kiss. By Antonette Liebermann Characters: 6385

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"Everytime I wake up, it gets bigger. I swear." Mila sighed after hugging her bestfriend who just seemed utterly amused.

"Have you found out what you're having... maybe twins?" Della questioned as they both took their seats and called for the waiter. The question was interrupted by another.

"It feels weird right?" Mila asked.

"What?" Della asked clearly confused.

"Having lunch in the same place where we use to serve and get yelled at by rich customers."

They both laughed reminiscing.

"I was never cut out to be a waitress, I'm glad they moved me to being a maid." Della replied looking at the menu.

"It's just weird, our lives changed so much. We used to eat at Chick-fil-A now we're here. It's overwhelming you know.." she paused. "Remember how we made fun of people for spending over $50 for a steak."

"I still make fun of Andre for being one of those people.."

"Now were one of those people." Mila added.

"Andre says that if you're going to spoil yourself at-least have the best quality. Make it worth your while. Quality over quantity.."

"You both went back straight into it huh?" Mila put off. The Ritz-Carton hotel had a menu where by you ticked what you wanted and then you give it back to the waiter. They got metallic pens to use for their orders, no wonder it cost a lot.

"What do you mean?" Della asked.

They stopped talking when their waiter stood next to their table attentively.

"Hi, how much is your most expensive wine here?" Mila loved this. She loved being able to buy anything she wanted. This was the life she always yearned for, suppose no one yearned to be poor.

"The Masseto, Italian wine. It goes for $736 per bottle."

"We will have that!"

"...Mila!" Della hissed.

"I haven't heard a sip in months and I could really use one while Fredo is away." She defended herself.

"Not just that but who spends $736 on a bottle of wine, that'

do to get back so we can finally see what we're having."

"I should be the second person to know!" Della demanded.

"Ofcourse!" Mila let out a genuine laugh.

Della checked her phone only to see multiple texts from Andre. He was going to drive her crazy with his pregnancy advise from magazines and YouTube. She had been pregnant before and she worked throughout, nothing would happen to the baby. He was always paranoid.

'Stay hydrated!' - Andre

'I miss you' - Andre

'Work is boring.' - Andre

'Please send me something to work with.' - Andre

'You ought to be ashamed asking a pregnant woman that.' - Della

"You seem entertained." Mila interrupted her. Della smiled before shrugging saying it was just nothing.

'If she is innocent, how did she get pregnant in the first place?' - Andre

'Want me to bring you lunch?' - Della

'Yes, I'm really starving.'

Mila and Della said their goodbyes. Della went to order a takeaway for Andre at his favorite French restaurant downtown New York. She knew at heart that Andre was a sucker for flamiche; a puff pastry tart made with leeks and cream. He had introduced it to her, she knew nothing about French cuisines at the time.

She was also aware, that it wasn't the only thing he would be eating.

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