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   Chapter 74 Leave Lyle alone

Judas Kiss. By Antonette Liebermann Characters: 10640

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Whenever you leave home, for a better life in a foreign country. You're never entirely alone, most of the time it may feel that way but you will always find a few people that you grew up with or people that you're acquainted to from your past. Mila had her uncle and aunt who lived in Florida whom she had ran away from. She also had someone that she casually saw from time to time.

Roxana Moreno was one of the people that Mila recalled playing with in middle school. They weren't the best of friends but they knew each other. She had her set of friends and Mila also had her set of friends. Their village was so small everyone knew everyone. Mismaloya a village located on the coast of Bahia de Banderas in the Mexican state of Jalisco; Mila's home.

She always dreamed how it would be when she went back. Would she ever go back? Would things still be the same? She doubted it ever since she had met Roxana two years ago, on the busy New York side walk. Mila had not recognized her but Roxana saw her and immediately stopped to greet her. Mila was confused, but after Roxana had countlessly said her name and the school they went to together. Mila suddenly remembered.

One thing that hurt the most was when Roxana said.

"I'm really sorry about your father, he was such an honorable man. My mom told me that she attended his funeral."

Mila was frozen—

Stagnant in her spot, some rude people pushed her cursing some incoherent words and that she shouldn't stand in the middle of the road. Roxana suggested they go into the bakery in front of them to get coffee. Mila was still utterly shocked.

"I'm sorry, you had to hear it from me, I just thought.." Roxana apologized.

Mila blamed herself for leaving abruptly, for not telling them that she was doing okay? She did but she didn't call enough and never ever visited enough. It was all that mafia's fault. She wished they never existed, she wished he had never touched her. Why did they chose her of all the people? They ruined her life. This was all their fault, she never ever wanted to go back now more than ever. She decided it was best if she stayed in place and continued with the life that she was leading. It was even more depressing when Roxana told her that she had worked really hard and gotten a scholarship to study in the US. Jealous, Mila tried not to show it. Roxana seemed to have done well for herself. She told Mila that her only wish was to get out of that cursed village with its high crime rate and being ruled by the Molinero family wasn't something that she wanted her future children to witness.

Everyone knew that Mila had been Alfredo Molinero's virgin sacrifice. It had been gossip for a long time whenever they saw her, they felt nothing but pity for her. Roxana did as well but she didn't want to say it or show it. They were older now but she still didn't want to make her feel that way. Roxana pitied her even more when Mila had said she works in a hotel as a receptionist, she lied.

Roxana was married to an American. Mila wasn't surprised. Roxana really didn't want to go back to Mismaloya. She had mentioned that she had two adorable mixed race boys. She couldn't wait to show h

n the other hand had never seen a drunk man before and assumed he was going to protect his mother and Lyle.

"Please please please don't let him take me." Lyle held Della's blouse tightly.

"Lyle come here my boyyyy, we're going home. You have over-longed your stay—" Gerald chuckled.

"Stay away from my mom before I come over there and make you regret the day you were born, Mister. Thats why I have a black belt." Leo said confidently. Della mentally rolled her eyes. This is why Andre shouldn't watch action movies with him. He had probably said a line from one of the movies that he watches with his dad because he had never in his years of living taken karate lessons.

"Gerald, Lyle isn't ready to come home yet." Della finally said.

"I didn't ask, Lyle go pack your things. I'm giving you thirty-seconds..."

"Leave Lyle alone.." Leo said almost as aggressively. Della appreciated her son being dramatic but this really wasn't the time.

"Leo—" Della hissed.

Fortunately, Security had heard the ruckus on the security footage and immediately came to escort Gerald out even though he was adamant on staying. Kicking all over the place. Della finally let out a sigh of relief when he was finally out of the compound. Lyle, seemed scared stiff even after his father had left. Della found her son being cute telling Lyle that he would be okay and that no one would ever come hurt him as long as he was there.

Leo would make a great older brother.

When she was about to call Andre to let him know what had happened. She saw a text from Mila asking for her confirmation for a lunch date tomorrow. She immediately said yes, with so much going on she had forgotten about Mila. Andre had always been her best friend so when Mila filled the spot the void wasn't there and now that Andre was playing a present role in her life.. she confided in him and it seemed Mila's void had been filled. She didn't trust Andre but he was a good listener and a good shoulder to cry on, he was adamantly playing Mila's part ever since she had decided to leave. Nevertheless she wanted to be in Mila's life regardless.

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