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   Chapter 73 You need to bring another woman

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Della had just came from taking a few more clothes from her apartment. On Andre's part, it was becoming tiring. He watched packing the few clothes that she had brought with her, in what used to be their walk in closet. The left side had Andre's things and the right side had been left untouched ever since she had left. If it wasn't for Marta, the dust would have simmered all over. She always kept it clean.

"How long are you going to keep doing this?" Andre asked using a towel to dry his hair. He had just taken a shower immediately after they had dinner. He was exhausted from work and the only thing he wanted to do was cuddle her.

"Uh—" Della didn't really have an answer for that. As she was kneeling down, she turned to look in his direction. It was distracting, why did he have to look like that? Andre had a habit of walking around in his boxers, it always caught her off guard. Even though she had been his wife for a while now. Even though they were lose, she could make out his manhood that didn't go unnoticed, even when limp as jelly; barely hard.

"You should permanently move in, you're pregnant with my child and I don't want to force you into anything but I want you here... with me." Andre said with streaks of his wet dirty blonde hair, falling face-forth.

Della sighed at how vulnerable he looked saying this.

"I know I'm pregnant but.. I just want to have somewhere to go Incase this doesn't work out or it ends as soon as it started."

Andre chuckled.

This woman really thought he would be stupid enough to let her go, for the second time. Beneath the humor, it hurt that she didn't believe in what they had or felt for each other.

"You really think, I would make you pregnant then just leave..?" He questioned. Della looked away.. she just didn't fully trust him. She didn't wear her heart on her sleeves anymore. She was cautious of every step she took and she didn't want to depend on anymore. Even more so here father because she had learnt the hard way that people.. leave whenever they want to and you can't force them to stay in your life.

"Della, you need to start trusting me?" He said more as a question. He was aware that she had taken a leap of faith to be with him but she still didn't fully trust him.

"I do. I mean you're a great father to Leo—" She was interrupted.

"You trust me with Leo but you don't trust me with being with you." He said as a matter of fact. Della looked away, back to the shelf; she really didn't want to engage in this conversation anymore.

"Andre.. can we not—"

Della had her mind set. She wasn't going to give in all of her heart and soul like she did when she was younger. She wasn't naive anymore. Things could happen, nothing lasts forever. He would eventually get bored of her. Maybe he only wanted to be with her because he hadn't been with her for a long time. Della was afraid of change, she knew it could happen at any given moment. She would try and make it work bu

ching a pregnancy test. Her hands would fidget so much that she would drop the pregnancy test. It wasn't helping that she was crying.

When Andre got in with a woman with short jet black hair, they kissed all the way up the stairs. Leaving trails of their clothing. The woman had smirked at her as Andre attacked her neck with lust. Jeanine had set her up well enough not to care that he had a wife.

Della cried herself to sleep as she heard the noises throughout the night. Andre had been taking out all his rage on the woman that he had brought home. He didn't care, Della had done the same thing to him.

"Andre stop.. not there ah God.."

"Ah God Please yes yes yes there"

"Don't s-stop ah ah.."

Della had tried everything to not hear them but they clearly wanted to be heard.

The next morning the woman was in their bed while Andre made her breakfast. Della decided she would try. She would forgive him, he was just angry. This was all Jeanine. She just needed to make him understand.

It got really bad.

He hit her left cheek out of anger.

She knew that was the last stroll. She would finally stop trying. It wasn't worth it. She just needed to leave. The first thing she needed to do was get a rape kit. She didn't know if it was too late but the nearest public clinic had confirmed that she wasn't raped.

Andre called his mother and told her that she had finally left.

She had finally left for good.

* End of flashback *

"I'm keeping my apartment, Andre. Incase I ever need somewhere to go. I just need the comfort of knowing I have my own things and my own place when this ends." She told him.

"It won't end." He replied.

"That's the same thing you said in your vows." She sighed. "I'm really trying.."

"I know.." He replied in a defeated tone. The only anger he felt was for his mother. He had no excuse for the way he treated her as of present. She caused all this but he did it all willingly so she wasn't the only blame.

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