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   Chapter 72 You want to be a teacher

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"Please please don't go.." Mila whined her arms wrapped firmly on his waist, considering his height. It was probably a good fit.

"mi amor no me hagas esto dificil.." Alfredo said softly. They always spoke in Spanish to each other and they planned raising their child in that environment.

"estaré solo." Mila added still not letting go.

"Hang out with Della.." Alfredo replied. He had been taking five hour flights to Mexico twice per week because without him things were falling apart and he needed to be there. He had overstayed in New York trying to win Mila over and as of now she didn't seem keen on moving to Mexico.

"I don't know.. we said we would have lunch but she hasn't called yet." Mila said a little disappointed.

"You're the one who broke the friendship, you should call her first. Plus you know she has a a lot going on for her.." Alfredo replied.

"I didn't think of it that way.." Mila said thoughtfully.

"We seriously need to talk about us and how this will work because Mexico es casa."

Mila frowned.

"Your home not mine." She said a little bitterly.

"You don't plan on visiting your family?" Alfredo questioned. Mila didn't want to say this but.. she didn't want to be seen with Alfredo. Even though she had admitted to loving him which she really did. She just couldn't bring it upon herself to proudly tell her family that she had somehow reunited with the man they called the devil and she was carrying his child. Everyone in Mila's village had some sort of hate and fear for the Molinero family. They were the wealthiest and most respected, people suspected they did shady businesses but no one could prove it and no one would dare say it. It was pretty clear that they were a mafia of some sort from Alfredo's great grandfather.

The Rivera family personally hated the Molinero family because their grandfather was killed in a tragic shoot out. He had not been involved. Many years back their Abuelo owned a little market down town and when he heard the noise, he went out and got shot four times. He became an example that people told their kids for generations that if you hear any noise especially gunshots, do not dare go out. Stay under and hidden and this was what their village had been accustomed to. It was sad that their Abuelo had been an example.

"No." Mila said dismissively.

"I will marry you eventually if that's the problem and I will pay for making you pregnant beforehand." Alfredo said pulling her back into his arms. His hands making their way to her stomach, he found so much pride and joy in knowing that he was going to be a father with his first love, his first sexual experience, his first. So many nights he dreamt about her and thinking she was dead had broken him because he thought he could never love again and as of now it had made him very appreciative of her.

Mila gulped down a feeling of hysteria, she couldn't marry him. She had not spoken to her family in so long and she was well aware that they would probably disown her on the spot. She missed them, she


"Ami, you want to be a teacher??" Andre chuckled clearly shocked.

"Not just any teacher, a middle school teacher. I spoke to papa and I start next semester after the summer at Paris West University."

"Wow, ami I'm so proud of you. Beyond proud, I'm really glad you're trying to figure yourself out."

"Oui, I have wasted so much time." Luc said softly.

"It's never too late. I'm still proud. Have you spoken to mama?" Andre asked out of the blue.

"Uh not really.." Luc said his voice lacking enthusiasm.

"She seems miserable and lonely. Lonely enough to eat carbs and tolerate everything she hates.."

"You're not serious?" Luc chuckled.

"She had lasagna last night, not by her special chef but by Della."

"Fuck outa here, ami!" Luc burst out laughing knowing that her mother had meal peeps for every food intake she had. Jeanine had meal preps for years and carbs were always off her list.

"I'm telling you.." Andre chuckled.

"Well I'm speechless. She needs to start eating, her modeling career ended atleast ten years ago." Luc said.

"Yeah.. you're right." He paused. "How's papa?"

"Papa is alright, he is working in a project. He is helping build a school in Haiti, he has been busy with his charity foundations."

"Are you sure he is alright?" Andre insisted.

"Yes, ami. I know it's too soon to tell but there is this lady, who runs an orphanage. They have been too close for comfort. Papa gives me money to go out every time just so he can have dinner with her at the Lyon mansion."

"Wow, that makes me happy. I'm glad he is atleast trying to move past this."

"Yeah.. she is a really nice lady."

Norah signaled that his meeting was about to start and that he needed to go.

"I will speak to you soon ami. Work calls.." Andre dismissed.

"Alright thanks for the call and I just want to say, I appreciate the good and supportive brother you have always been to me."

Andre smiled.

"You don't need to." He paused. "I will always be here for you either way."


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