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   Chapter 71 When a man and a woman

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"I have seen families wait for years and years ongoing; only for nothing to happen. It will save you later heartbreak, to let her go at this point and time rather than five years late.." The doctor explained sitting back in his Black leather office chair. He then showed them the brain x-rays it didn't make any sense for Della or Garreth. Andre thought it would be best to stay at home with the boys. The only thing that was going on Della and Garreth's mind was death, funeral, goodbye, forever and ever?

And ever?

"Money isn't a problem-" Garreth was immediately cut off.

"It's not about the money, Mr McCarthy. All I'm trying to say is I don't want to raise your expectations. I see no changes from the past two months and usually when there is absolutely no brain activity for that amount of time.. the patient could be brain dead and chances of the patient ever waking up are very slim..."

This wasn't the news any family would want to hear about their loved one. The fact that it was so sudden and Della felt she had not had the opportunity to resolve her relationship with her mother or to even act like mother and daughter. Della still longed to be able to call her mother 'mom' not Marcela.

Della couldn't listen to this anymore so she left. Garreth assured her that it was fine, he would stay and ask more questions maybe try and understand. Maybe he could move Marcela to a different hospital with more optimistic doctors? Maybe just maybe.

As Della rushed off, she was stopped by her gynecologist.

"Mrs. Levetté—" The woman said fondly.

Della didn't correct her, as distorted as she was and a part of her loved the sound of that. Another part of her could never see herself as Mrs Levetté because Jeanine's face would always pop up.

"Hi, how are you?" Della composed herself.

"I'm fine thanks, you seem to have forgotten to fetch your results." She said handing Della the envelope.

"Oh.." it had totally slipped her mind.

"Congratulations, Mrs Levetté. You're a month in."

Della was baffled.

"I took a pregnancy test and it said—"

"It was too early to tell that's why the pregnancy test didn't dictate anything. Besides they're not always correct." She said calmly. She then put her hand on Della's shoulder as some sort of comfort. "I will see you on our next appointment, congrats again."

Della was left with mixed emotions.

This was really happening. She was really pregnant. The doctor was edging them to switch off the machines, again there was really something living in her stomach. A little someone growing, that she had created with Andre out of love. A little someone who would call her mommy. She was really about to experience pregnancy again? That gave her shivers.

It won't be as horrible with Andre. - her conscience gave in.


Tears were threatening to fall. She had not prepared for this moment. Was this how she was supposed to feel? She was having another child.. one whom she would love and adore just as much Leo. She was going to bring someone into this world whom she would do anything for. This someone would bring a lot of changes in their lives. Good changes. Della smiled as she realized she was already at the parking. Opening the door to one of Andre's range rovers, she sat in her drivers seat for some moments.

It was all overwhelming.

Her mother was dying or rather as good as dead and she was bringing a new soul into this world.

Her thoughts drifted to what was her relationship with Andre.. they had not spoken about anything but they acted like husband and wife in every single way. She was afraid... she didn't want to marry him again. She, somehow felt people were happier when not married. She didn't want to go

stairs from the playroom which was located in the basement. Andre had it made for the boys when the noise had became a problem.

"You literally make Leo whine even more.." Andre said closing the door behind him.

"I know, his pout is my weakness but now with another baby coming. I don't know how he will feel about not being an only child and sharing my attention.." Della sighed.

Andre stared at her in awe.

"Are you?" Andre grinned. Della hadn't realized that she had spilled the beans.

"Three and a half weeks.." Della smiled widely. It didn't take seconds for Andre to lift her off her feet and spin her around. She laughed until it almost gave her a headache.

"Wow!" Andre said setting her back on her feet. "So this is how it feels.." he smiled.

"I guess.." Della shrugged.

"Woah!" Andre still couldn't believe it. He was going to be a father again. He would have two kids that would look up to him as a father. That he would raise and groom until they grow of age. It was such a blossoming feeling.

Della was in awe at Andre's reaction. It made her so happy. She wished she had recorded it. He just looked so adorable.

"What's the special occasion?" Jeanine entered the room. Andre figured the maids and security had allowed her in. Della stiffened, she still felt intimidated by this woman.

"Nothing that concerns you?" Andre spat. "What do you want?"

"So I can't visit my one and only grandson?" Jeanine retorted removing her Louis Vuitton sunglasses.

Della decided she would excuse herself but Andre stopped her.

"Don't act like you have ever cared about my son. Not from the time when you drugged my wife while she was pregnant." Andre said smoothly. It warmed Della's heart when he said 'my son'

Jeanine swallowed hard.

"Ever since his visit, I have been very fond of him.." Jeanine defended. "I have been feeling quite lonely.. the house is so empty without Luke and Ben. So I thought I'd join my son and his family for dinner."

Andre was about to say some very unwelcoming words at his mother when Della touched his hand. It calmed him.

"Sure, I hope you love lasagna." Della interrupted.

"Carbs—" Jeanine was immediately interrupted.

"You could go somewhere else and have a carb free meal. You don't need to be here." Andre said making her mother squirm.

"Ah-Alright Lasagna sounds delightful, Adela." Jeanine said biting her tongue.

It seemed some people didn't change and Jeanine would always be Jeanine.

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