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   Chapter 70 Sing for me on your knees

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She was happy.

Happy that she had a stronger relationship with Andre and there was progress... sad that her mom. Yes, Marcela was bitchy but it would have been nice to have her around still. Della doubted Marcela would approve of Andre infact knowing her mother very well, Marcela would call her stupid.

A week after missing period, she immediately bought a pregnancy test.

It said she wasn't pregnant.

She was very disappointed but it's not as if Andre had stopped making love to her. It had to happen eventually. They didn't call it baby-making, Andre thought of it as him just enjoying every moment with her. It wasn't just Leo that he had missed in six years. Della had started to be worried that what if she was now barren? What if she couldn't conceive? She just had so many questions. Was she now too old? She was only in her late twenties. It also surprised her how she had not been to her apartment for two full months, the exact time her mother had been in a coma.

"Is Darren me?" Andre said very suspiciously at Della as he held her manuscript. Yes, they had went back to their habit of reading together. Della always felt comfortable giving Andre her work unlike when she gave Leith. Andre had always managed to give her a none-biased opinion.

Della didn't know how to respond to that.

"...not exactly." Della said embarrassed, she knew Andre was smarter than that.

"I think Darren Blake is me." He said, his expression was unreadable.

"Did you hate me that much?" He questioned.

Della felt bad as she looked out the balcony sliding door, the rain was pouring heavily.

"I wrote most of it when I was pregnant and angry.." She paused. "I just took it all out on paper."

"Mhm, you wished me a painful death.." He teased but it was true. When Della was pregnant she wrote all the horrible things she wished would happen to Andre but those were the first few chapters after Leo was born.. that hate sort of dissolved. She suddenly only cared about her new bundle of joy now and she didn't have as much time to write anymore. Thanks to the Nana she met at the community Centre. She had agreed to take care of little infant Leo. Della had to go back to work immediately if she planned on not being homeless again. It hurt that every time she got home from her shift at around midnight, Leo would be asleep. She didn't have time to sit and be angry anymore. She didn't have time to write about Darren Blake the evil male lead.

Her big break was when they renovated a new building and it was later called the Ritz-Carlton hotel. They were looking for employees from accountants to cooks to maids to managers. Things started to look up, she remembered her first pay.. she spent it all on Leo. The greatest thing about this was it was very close to where she stayed, meaning instead of her money finishing as transport, she was able to save a little.

"I was just angry.. besides it's not like I could go to a therapist." Della defended herself. "I also think the old Adela would hate me for being with you right now and allo

et's have a lighter conversation now.. Mr Molinero what are the qualities that you love about her?"

Alfredo smiled.

"She is fierce and bold. She always speaks her mind and mostly puts me in my place because no one ever does that."

Mila felt butterflies all inside her stomach.

"Did you know that Ms Rivera?" Dr. Norman said with a smile.

Mila shook her head.

"I just always thought he loved the way I look and the sex.." she confessed.

"What are the qualities that you love about him?" Dr. Norman asked.

"He looks scary but he is actually the most sweet and generous being. He is very caring.."

"Is he like that with everyone or just you?"

Mila realized, Alfredo only acted this way with her because he head over heels inlove with her.

"What qualities would you love your child to inherit from the father.. if you decide to keep the child.."

I'm keeping my baby. - Mila's heart said almost immediately. She couldn't think about giving her baby up.

"Can I start with looks?" Mila smiles this made Alfredo and Dr Norman have a hearty laugh as well.


"I want my baby to have Alfredo's nose, lips, grey eyes and—"

"It seems you love a lot about him." The doctor said thoughtfully.

Without thinking, Mila said.

"I love him."

Alfredo's heart steadily skipped a beat.

"How does that feel to say out loud?"

"Good." Mila replied.

The session ended within the next thirty minutes. There was progress..

Mila entwined her hands with Alfredo, she felt at peace with him. Close to forgiving him. Letting it all go.. the hatred she had kept for so long.

"Can we go pick cute little clothes..?" Mila said excitedly when Alfredo asked what she wanted to do.

"We're keeping the baby?" He asked a feeling of euphoria bracing his whole body.

"Yes, our baby." She hugged him and still a bit confused and shocked he hugged her back. It started drizzling making them laugh as Felipe opened the door to the black SUV open for them.

The puzzle seemed to be getting together.

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