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   Chapter 69 It`s my body, my decision

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Alfredo walked into the room quietly.

"I know you're not asleep Mila." He said softly seating on his side of the bed, for goodness sake it had been two months already. She needed to start eating and being productive. They couldn't live like this forever. They needed to decide what they needed to do. So many times Mila wanted to call Della but she always went against it and ended up switching her phone off and cutting herself off from the world. She was embarrassed by how she had ended their friendship just like that.

"I don't want to keep it." She said in a very very low voice but Alfredo managed to hear through the cracks of her voice. She couldn't even face him as she said this. She felt guilty, embarrassment and anger all at the same time.

"I understand you said you didn't love me and that it was all just lust but.." Alfredo felt broken just remembering how she had let him know her exact feelings when they got into an arguement. "Please keep it.." He almost sounded as if he was pleading. If he said he did not want this child then that would have made him a compulsive liar.

"No... i have made up my mind." Mila said out of words.

"I will pay you whatever amount you want, you can act as a surrogate. Once the baby is born you won't ever have to see them again. I won't bother you, I will leave you alone and i will try my best to forget about you and to stop loving you.. which is highly impossible but for our... i mean my child i will." Alfredo said trying his level best to get Mila to agree. It had been nine weeks already and soon she would start to show. In fact her little bump had developed. The doctor had told them to make their choice as soon as possible before it became all too complicated and hard to do.

"I don't want you to raise our child, Al

ll precautions. A child wasn't something she wanted to put into this equation. Her love could easily turn from love to hate real quickly. She had to think about the many times she had girl talk with friends and they would share how they lost their viginity and laughed about it. Mila always thought even if you had lost your viginity at the backseat of your boyfriend's beat up car.. atleast you gave consent.

Atleast you wanted it.

Atleast it wasn't just shoved inside you.

"Well this baby would be my only chance of loving again.." Alfredo replied.

For so many years, Mila had avoided this and now she knew what exactly Della meant when she said 'she needed to deal with her past'

She had never accepted it and that is why the truth always hit her harder. She had left her job because Alfredo had told her that she needed time to think about all this and the whole situation. When she hard angryily blurted out that she hated him with every inch of her body and that she had lied when she said she loved him. It was all just so that he would help Della. It was an emotional scene because-

Alfredo kept the ring in his back pocket right where it was in its box.


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