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   Chapter 68 I signed Ignacio into a rehabilitation center

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'Hey, please don't forget to log in your period for better predictions'- Flo

Della looked at the reminder on her phone. She had forgotten, as she checked the app. She almost squealed clearly happy. It said she was six days late.


Her period was always always accurately on time. She didn't want to alarm Andre Incase maybe it wasn't it. She looked at her period calendar and discovered that the many times she had been with Andre it was during her ovulation window period. It was even written 'Chance to get pregnant'.. Della looked at herself on the lavish bathroom mirror. She couldn't believe it. She didn't want to be too excited only to be disappointed. She had to be super sure. In Della perspective if she was indeed pregnant that would mean she wasn't even a week in because you only count a pregnancy from the week that you missed your period even if fertilization had taken place a week before or even two weeks before.

She was so happy, she immediately texted Mila but then... it dawned onto her that they weren't friends anymore. Della thought she would put her pride and call her first. Yes, Mila had said them having a child was a bad idea but Della didn't care. She just wanted her bestfriend back. She wanted to laugh with Mila about the whole Spencer ideal that had happened some weeks back. She just wanted a friend..

As soon as Della called, it went to voice mail.

She sighed.

She felt even desperate enough to call Alfredo. Della just wanted to know how Mila was doing. Had they went back to Mexico already? Maybe Della thought. As she went out of the ensuite bathroom, she saw a letter on the bedside.

'I'm sorry cherri, I can't let you distract me today. I have a very important meeting and just seeing you would have made me change my priorities. I love you' - Andre

Della smiled at how thoughtful this was. Things had been going great ever since Spencer disappeared.. Garreth said he just packed up and went away. He did of-course respect Garreth enough to send him an email saying—

a rehabilitation center, what he did to Spencer was not normal and I don't condone it. What's worse is he tried to kill himself when I told him that Spencer left so this is really good, I'm glad I got there on time. I also sold some more of my mafia property in Manchester and here as well. I want to be a good example for Leo not only Leo but Lyle too. They're good kids. I even gave Jeanine the blackmailing disc, I was using on her. She said it really didn't matter because her marriage and life was over. I suggest that she go see's a therapist but she just rubbed it off.'

Garreth was quiet, letting silence take over. He sighed.

"Della and Andre have been staying together with Lyle and Leo. They look so happy, incredibly happy. You should see them.."

He then added.

"I signed up for golf, at some very expensive golf club. Maybe I could make some friends.. you know people my age who are successful and aren't shady.."

Garreth caressed her hand thinking of what more to say.

"Your husband hasn't checked up on you.. you should really wake up because you can't leave you son with a man like that, Marcy."


"I'm planning on moving out of the penthouse. I want a house in Manhattan. Maybe you could help me decorate it.. I know that's really your stuff."

Garreth sighed.

"The only thing you need to do is wake up."


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