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   Chapter 67 Shut up don’t be smart with me

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Light snoring.

Soft skin against his.

Slightly long hair—

In his face, Spencer kept his eyes tightly assuming it was one of those really gratifying dreams where he got to be with Della intimately. He had, had too many of those.. she was much distant when they were together after what happened; he didn't blame her. Spencer really wanted to earn her trust back, to show her that he is a noble man and it's just that.. jealousy and fury got the best of him. It just hurt thinking about the fact that he was a gentleman and she still preferred to go for the man who had treated her like utter rubbish not so long ago. The only thing she got out of it was a little spoiled brat. Spencer always thought Della was far much dumber because any sane woman would have aborted it, the second they knew about it. The scary truth was that if Della still kept that thing for so many years, the thing that had came out as a result of her failed marriage with a man who treated her horridly then—

Maybe she wasn't over him.

She hoped he would come back on a strong white horse and save her?

Then she can say 'say oh I kept that thing, that you left me with.'

To somehow earn his love back.

But no. That's not how this story goes, Spencer thought. What happens is she meets a well deserving man and they take that thing farther away or leave it with its father and they start over like they should have. If Spencer by fate had met Della first and not Andre. Then they make their own baby. He absolutely loved the thought of that, Spencer stirred pulling the body in front of him closer to his chest. It was warm. The friction between the two bodies was starting to give him a hard on. Maybe, yes him and Della were going to make their own baby. It would have dark grey eyes like his and jet black hair. It would be the cutest thing on earth. A smile arched itself on his face, just thinking about it. He pulled the body in front of him much closer.

It was weird—

Della wasn't this skinny!

Did he have a one night stand after? The only thing he remembered was hanging out with Ignacio. He probably got wasted he thought. When he blinked his eyes open, he saw shoulder length jet black hair. He cringed, he wanted to be faithful to Della even though she had not been the same with him. He didn't see the girl's face as her hair was covering it. He noticed that they were in Ignacio's apartment. He knew Ignacio wouldn't be happy about the fact that once again he had brou

te tycoons bestfriend. Spencer always spoke fondly of him with the media or in any interview.

The latest story cover was..

'No images were taken but Insiders who were present claim, they called a priest over to the bar to have them married. They brought Vegas to New York..'

The insider had been Abhay and thank goodness, he was good at forging Spencer's signature. When he had given himself a treat of morphine, he had everything already planned and in motion.


Garreth sighed.

Reading the paper, Spencer was bringing bad publicity for the real estate company. He stared at Marcela who was sleeping peacefully. He didn't care about anything else. Maybe then Spencer would leave Della alone.

"Marcy please wake up.." Garreth almost pleaded. He just assumed like the movies she would suddenly move her fingers or anything but nothing. She stayed stagnantly dependent on the machines.

"If you wake up Marcela. I promise to change, to leave everything behind. To be with you.. to plan the wedding we planned when we were teenagers. Watch our daughter grow.. there is still so much I want to do with you. I'm sorry I ever threatened you. I lied, I was being a pathetic jealous freak.. jealous because you were happy and I wasn't. I would never hurt you. Although it has crossed my mind only because I don't want to ever share you with anyone—"

Garreth wiped a tear away.

"Your son needs you.." he paused letting the monitors consume them. "You can't die with your grandson thinking you're his mother's friend."

"Don't do it for me. Do it for your son, for Della, for Leondre." He sighed. "For once don't be selfish Marcela."

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