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   Chapter 66 Hopefully a little girl

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He looked so peaceful—

And laid back.

Ignacio heaved a sigh watching Spencer lay on the bed mostly unconscious due to benzo that they put in his cocktail; when he refused to drink any alcohol. He still had all his clothes on but Ignacio planned on changing that. He was still afraid of touching Spencer just Incase if he woke up. He didn't fully trust Abhay's stuff.. what if it only worked for a mere hour. This gave Ignacio some sort of anxiety. He checked if the door was locked. This was his little cozy apartment just on the third floor of the bar downstairs. He could hear the vibrating sound as they blasted 'Thoatiana' by blueface. They had been repeating this song on a constant. It was annoying and getting on his nerves but people loved it and people were good business.

The noise didn't get to him, he was used to it. Ignacio needed a distraction. He couldn't do this sanely. He removed his shirt, showing of his skinny frame. He seemed somewhat anorexic not as athletic as Spencer. You could clearly make out his ribs whenever he stretched. His collarbones on the edge of popping out every time he moved, his hip bones sticking out on his skinny jeans. He looked like a young kid, he could be mistaken for a twenty-one year old. Ignacio was a heavy party animal, not because it was his job to make sure people came around and had fun but only because it's what he did best. His weight was as a result of the morphine that him and Abhay tend to indulge in from time to time. When you start to take the heavier stuff, weed seems like a waste of time.

Spencer wasn't aware of Ignacio's drug use. Yes, he was aware of him smoking cigars and weed but not injecting morphine in his body every other night. Ignacio never had a problem with his drug use because he was never ever short of money to have a daily dose. It would be a problem if he suddenly couldn't afford it anymore. If morphine is used consistently, the user tends to become both physically and psychologically dependent on it. Morphine dependence means that the user must take morphine only for them to function properly as a whole. People who use Morphine usually go for doctor shopping just to acquire prescriptions. Changing doctors constantly just to be diagnosed with the same problem only to get a prescription. This wasn't a problem for Ignacio as he had Abhay who worked as a doctors assistant so that worked well for his nightlife business.

Examining some of Ignacio's behavior. Sometimes it wasn't entirely him acting. Morphine side effects do include, personality change, dramatic changes in priorities, poor mental performance, poor judgement, lack of will power, irregular depression, drastic change in body weight as well as heavy and forced breathing. An addict never admits that they're an addict even if it bothers them and they can't seem to stop. Ignacio was convinced it wasn't affecting him but it was. He had no one to look out for him, except Spencer who was now giving all

s up with a clear mindset and wants to rekindle your relationship as mother and daughter."

Della shifted closer to lay in Andre's arms. He was very welcoming as he pulled her close, she could feel his heart beating. It was one of her favorite things, it soothes her.

"My father has decided to move back to Lyon, France.." Andre said abruptly when they had a brief moment of silence.

"Why?" Della questioned.

"The divorce was finalized much quicker than I thought it would be.." Andre expressed.

Like ours, Della wanted to say.

"You must check up on your mom, she must be feeling horrible." Della said sympathetically for this woman who had just left her marriage of thirty-three years.

"She will be fine, she is always fine."

"How does Luc feel?" She asked clearly concerned.

"He has decided to move back to Lyon as well, he feels this isn't his scenery. He wants to start over.."

"How does that make you feel?" Andre missed Della's quizzical questions. He always felt he could share anything with her, she was very open and comforting.

"It's good for him and his well-being. No one forced him, so clearly he is doing this for himself.. I will miss him though.." Andre chuckled lightly. "I won't be too lonely with you and the boys around.. and hopefully a little girl.." He caressed Della's stomach with his hand.

"Who told you it will be a girl?" Della teased.

"I'm aiming for a girl, it will be a good addition to our little family.." Andre replied a bit cheerful.

"Your mom had two boys though, it's not always like that." Della said a bit skeptical although she loved the idea of having a little girl. Leo having a little sister. "I'm not even pregnant so we shouldn't jump into conclusions.."

"You will be in a few weeks." Andre said pulling her close. For the first time in a long time, they both felt at peace. They spent so time wishing they had been together or reminiscing on old memories but now they were making many more.


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