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   Chapter 65 Help me carry my mate upstairs

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Updated: 2019-04-14 11:29

"Let's talk about something else.." Della told Mila. They had exhausted everything from talking about her mom's situation and baby making with Andre also the embarrassing scene with Jeanine.

"Okay uhm I quit my job." Mila said expecting a backlash from Della but she merely just stared at her.

"Why?" Della asked, she sort of already knew the answer but she wasn't sure if that was it.

"Alfredo.." Mila said in a low tone.

"Did he talk you into this?" Della questioned.

"Not at all, I hate that shitty job anyways and would have quit the minute I didn't need the money anymore."

"So that means you will depend on Alfredo forever?" Della stated, still a bit skeptical but Mila just seemed annoyed with this talk.

"He took my virginity without my consent.. I mean it's the least he could do."

"Wow that's a bit petty Mila, considering that was years ago and you're willingly with this guy and you ought to be forgiving." Della said not regretting anything that she had said. They were in the hospital cafeteria, drinking coffee. It wasn't pleasant but it was good enough.

"Just like how you forgave Andre for manhandling you? Who else are you going to forgive next? Spencer for slapping you with his dick? Forgiveness right." Mila lashes out without thinking about what she was saying. Della was shocked because Mila had never ever talked to her like that. They always had a mutual understanding and the fact that Mila was using everything that she had confided in her with; against her... really hurt.

When Della didn't say anything as she was still a bit shocked. Mila continued feeling the need to defend herself—

"You don't have to be so judgemental Adela! I don't have a rich father who kisses my ass all the time. I don't have a rich ex-husband who is constantly kissing my whiny ass and begging for your attention, I certainly don't have a kid with a millionaire to save my life, I don't have a rich boyfriend who wanted to rape me.." Mila said in the heat of the moment. Della was surprised, she clearly wasn't expecting that atleast not from her bestfriend. Della composed herself and breathed in before talking. Oddly it hurt, everything she had said hurt. Della found it hard to believe, was she too forgiving? Did she do anything wrong by being concerned for her friend's well being?

"I just think you leaving your job after you have been with Alfredo for

or her hand and gave her a tight squeeze. "I could call Amber to come cheer you up but you know with her pregnancy—"

"It's fine, you're enough." Della replied trying really hard not to seem fazed by this. Andre was enough, his support was enough. Him being here with her was enough. They had tried really hard to convince Garreth to go home, he initially gave in and summoned that he would be back in an hour. You would expect Marcela's husband to have been present but no he wasn't. Supposedly people deal with everything in a different manor, some prefer to be really close and others to be really far.


Spencer checked his phone for what seemed like the seventh time. Della wasn't responding to any of his messages or calls. He even dropped by her apartment but she wasn't there. He figured ofcourse she was at the hospital. He didn't suspect anything to the latter, he thought he had a pretty tight leash on Della but that wasn't the case.

He had to fetch some paper work from one of Garreth's bars that Ignacio managed. He was so busy, after coming from the airport he went straight to see Della but she wasn't there and Garreth gave him more work. He didn't mind, he assumed Garreth was giving him a lot of work because it was a very tricky time for him. With Marcela being in ICU. Ignacio and his friend (Abhay) had convinced Spencer to have to a drink, soon enough it was more than just one drink.

Soon enough he had passed out on the couch in the VIP area.

"Ey.." Ignacio called for one of the bartenders. "Help me carry my mate upstairs, he must have been super tired."

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