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   Chapter 64 Did you beat my mom

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Leo watched his parents come down the stairs as he sat in the dining area. Lyle was talking about something but he didn't seem focused on that. He was curious, as he watched his father playfully push his mother against the wall. They... k-kissed before his mother pushed him away. Leo blinked twice, what was actually going on? When they finally joined the table, his mom was wearing his dad's morning gown while his dad was already dressed for work. Leo opened his eyes wide when he saw multiple red marks on his mom's neck.

"Did you beat my mom?" Leo asked Andre who seemed flabbergasted.

"No, I wouldn't do that." not ever again, he added in his head.

"So what happened to her neck..?" Leo asked innocently.

Lyle immediately burst out laughing.

"It's called a hick—" Lyle couldn't finish his sentence.

"Lyyyle.." Della said giving him a warning look. Lyle was thirteen ofcourse he knew all these things but she just wasn't ready for Leo to know that. Yes, he knew how babies were made but he was still very oblivious to the concept and how intimacy worked.

"What happened is daddy just missed mommy so much that he kissed her really hard.." Andre explained, watching Della's cheeks slowly tint with embarrassment.

"You still hurt her..?" Leo said softly.

"No, it's not painful at all Leo." Della gave his son a genuine smile but with his somber blue eyes, he just seemed so concerned. It brought warmth in her heart that her son cared that much about her and was super overprotective of her even from his own father.

"Dad also has one.." Leo said. "You must have really missed each other.."

They had breakfast until Albane had came to drop the boys off at school. They didn't go to the same school and it was a good thing Lyle didn't wear any uniform to school. This was—

How it used to be.

Before the kids obviously.

Della would always come downstairs and make breakfast while Andre was in the shower. As soon as Andre would come down, he wouldn't be able to keep his hands to himself as a result Andre was always late and his mother would be raging with anger. Jeanine wasn't mad because her son was late. She was mad only because he was busy with that poverty stricken girl. Even though they were married at the time, Jeanine enjoyed embarrassing Della and making her feel unworthy. Like the time when Jeanine invited Della to go with her to New York fashion week, Della didn't want to but after Andre spoke to her saying maybe she could finally form a bond with his mother.. she did to make him happy. Jeanine had intended to make Della look beyond hideous, she gave her last seasons outfit but to her surprise. Instead of the fashion world shunning Della and her outfit, they praised her. This made Jeanine absolutely? indignant.

"No, Andre.. go already." Della giggled when Andre could stop kissing her everywhere.

"Not when you have nothing under that gown.." Andre groaned pulling her close as she sat on the kitchen counter, parting her legs by standing in between them.

"You act like a starved caveman.." Della said kissing him back as she ran her finger through his hair. She always loved doing that. For a moment they stopped kissing and just stared at each other. Della couldn't help but notice that when they had met, he had the bluest eyes but now

ouldn't lie to myself anymore."

"I won't ever allow you to be alone with him again." Andre said firmly.

"That will just make him mad.." Della the went on tell him about how he had threatened the life of Garreth and Andre.

"I already know about that. There really isn't anything he can threaten you with at this point. So please Della leave him—" He persuaded. She seemed hesitant.

"I can't even trust that you will okay alone at your apartment.. how about we fetch your clothes and you sleep over here for a few days.." He wanted her to be safe but didn't want to seem as if he was forcing her to move in with him.

"Honestly, I don't want to be alone either." She said letting Andre wrap his arms around her. They just stood in each other's arms in silence..

"I'm already too late, might as well stay here with you." Andre teased.

"I'm not going to pretend I don't want you to so please stay with me." She replied.

"Let me just go change then we can go to the hospital and relieve Garreth." Andre said thoughtfully giving Della a soft kiss on her lips. By now his hard on had deflated just at the thought of Spencer forcing himself on Della. It made him feel beyond angry and he wouldn't be able to hold himself the next time he saw Spencer. He wanted Della to go lay a charge, she just couldn't let him get away with it.

As soon as Andre went to get a change of clothes. She felt somewhat relieved that she had been open with him. Della was grateful for what she was beginning to build with Andre. They had an honest relationship and they communicated well with each other. It wouldn't be right to call it a relationship but she just appreciated him being with her and being there for her. Yes, they agreed to have a child together. That only strengthened their bond together because they both yearned to have what they lost when they were absent in each other's lives.

Mila had been trying to get ahold of her but Andre was being a distraction so she decided to tell her to meet her at the hospital. Mila was experiencing the happiness she always yearned for and Della was happy for her and didn't want to rain on her parade.

Her only hope was for Marcela to wake up.


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