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   Chapter 63 Stop being such a wimp bud

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It had been a long night.

Della had not changed into anything comfortable and finally she had accepted when her father told her that, she could leave. He would remain behind with Marcela. On the other hand Lyle had refused to go anywhere near his father. He somewhat found comfort in being with Della.

"I guess you could go with Della then.." Marcela's husband had said, a tad bit hurt that his very own son didn't want to go home with him.

"I will call my driver to pick you up, be careful darling." Garreth said giving his daughter a kiss on her forehead.

"Actually—" She paused. "I texted Andre to come pick me up.. he is with Leo and I want to see Leo."

"No need to explain yourself. I understand.." Garreth said with ease. He had given Spencer a huge work load, he was so busy.. he wouldn't be able to intervene. Garreth was beyond stressed, he wanted to be with Marcela and at the same time, he wanted to finish off a potential threat. "You know life is too short to not be with someone you yearn to be with." Garreth added. Della was taken aback.. by this. She had not been expecting him to say something like this. She thought maybe Marcela being in this state made him very emotional and he just said the most random things but it wasn't like that. Garreth was facing heartbreak, he couldn't imagine a world where Marcela wasn't there even if it was just him watching her from a far. Watching her being happy, watching her with her family.

Della sighed.

"Don't worry darling, I know what Spencer did and we will make him pay." He added. It all came as a surprise, how composed he was for someone whom she thought was absolutely mental. Garreth managed to not be problematic when it came to his daughter. What hurt the most was the fact that she couldn't even ask him for help or confide in him because he is labeled a lunatic.

Della hugged her father, wholeheartedly. She was lucky, she had him. Especially in this very moment when her mother had yet again decided to take the spotlight. She was always an attention seeker, Della thought bitterly. She couldn't exactly tell if she was angry at Marcela or she was worried that she wouldn't be able to pull through.

"Stay strong." She told Garreth and he steadily nodded. I will come back with Andre then you can go freshen up as well. She told him looking at his wrinkled tux.

"Alright love." He replied.

As Della walked out of the hospital holding Lyle's hand. She felt so overwhelmed seeing Andre distractedly waiting for her. How he managed to look still so magnificently handsome even with dark circles under his blazing blue eyes. He seemed distracted as he typed away on his phone.. when he saw her, Della told Lyle to get in the car. She ran into his arms needing his comfort. He was in sweatpants and a T-shirt something that he hardly ever wore. Della breathed in

Ignacio said thinking about how this was finally his opportunity. If Spencer didn't want him willingly then he would just force him to think he did. It gave Ignacio jitters, he was afraid of Spencer but he was willing to risk it all. He immediately texted Spencer.

'Yo wanna hang out.' - Ignacio.

Spencer responded almost immediately.

'Man, I had to take an early flight to LA as per Garreth's request. Just sorting out a few work related issues. Maybe when I fly back tomorrow? I really wanted to be with Della in this tough moment.' - Spencer.

Ignacio scoffed at the name Della.

'Yeah man, tomorrow will be cool. Catch you then.' - Ignacio.

'Don't party too hard ;)'. - Spencer.

'You know me so well.' Ignacio.

'I'm your best mate, forever and always. We come a long way, how could I not.' - Spencer.

At this moment, Ignacio felt like shit. So he didn't reply and put back his phone in the back pocket. Chris brown undecided was playing. He couldn't say it was loud because he was used to the noise around here.

"That Levetté kid is here.." Abhay warned making Ignacio roll his eyes. "You must be a good lay then.." Abhay teased.

Truthfully Luc had only been there to get Ignacio's attention and yes he had came with his elite friend Leonard Maddox. They were in the VIP lounge. Luc was too broke to buy anything but Leonard offered, considering money wasn't much of a big deal. Since his father was part of the Republicans and had good ties with the likes of Donald Trump. He was a white supremacist but his son didn't seem to care about following in the successful footsteps of his father political path.

"I will be in be my office." Ignacio said leaving the bar. Luc saw Ignacio leaving and immediately felt sad. He attempted to dance with a girls here and there but it all went to shit.

Perhaps there is a distinct pleasure in loving people that don't love us.

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