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   Chapter 62 Is my mommy going to be alright

Judas Kiss. By Antonette Liebermann Characters: 6849

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We never really get over our first love. We tend to pretend that we don't care about the anymore and that their actions don't affect us but the truth is they do. Our first loves were and always will be the first people who introduced these weird feelings within us. There were mostly likely our first heartbreak and that gives a distinct feeling of bitterness. First loves might also have been responsible for taking away most of our other firsts as well. They mean more to us than we would like to think. Getting over them was probably the hardest thing anyone has ever had to do. Some say you never get over them, you just find a coping mechanism to get you through the rest of your life but one thing for sure is when you do see them; your heart and mostly likely to flutter. Be it with hatred or just a nostalgic feeling. That hate could easily turn back into love and quickly turn back into hate.

This was how Garreth McCarthy felt. How this evening ended up being cancelled and why were they at a private hospital? Della was crying in her father's arms—

And yes, Spencer was there as well.

Garreth had pulled his daughter into his arms when he saw Spencer forcing his unwanted love on Della. She didn't want any of his support, she didn't want him, she just wanted Andre..

Unfortunately Andre had not been allowed anywhere near the premises. He fought and fought saying he wanted to be with Della in this moment but Garreth's men pushed him away, even earning him a black eye.

Garreth was beyond heartbroken.

Flavio Cruz, Garreth's usual hit man. Whom Garreth had assigned tie up Spencer in the basement of the yacht, tie him up and wait to confront him. Garreth had planned for Della to be the one to decide what he should do to Spencer, he wanted Della to beat up and torture Spencer while Flavio held him up. Ofcourse after a bit a torture.. Garreth intended to tell Spencer that he was forgiven and that they could be back to normal only for the shipping to go wrong and Spencer getting arrested. He didn't want Spe

nd the team that they could continue hosting the event without him. As he left with Della. He didn't even have time to think about Spencer as he; at this very moment was only concerned with his first love. It had came to his attention that he was never over her.. he loved Marcela, he always has.

Doctors had given Marcela breathing assistance, blood transfusions and other supportive care as soon as she had arrived. No one was allowed to see her as of yet. The doctor had informed them that their worst fear would be if Marcela did not recover within a few weeks because then she would be in a vegetative coma. It could last up to five years but most people who remain in vegetative state die six months of the original brain damage but most of them continue living for about two to five years. Potential problems could of course arise from drug-induced comas.

Everyone seemed to be worried and very angry with Marcela for doing this to herself; they were also thankful that she was able to live even though she was just merely a vegetable. Garreth knew she would pull through because she is a fighter. Her husband absolutely had no patience for her. He still wanted a divorce, not after this stunt she had just pulled. He had planned to forgive but not after this. Not after she purposely put their son through such a trauma.

Marcela was a selfish woman.

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