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   Chapter 61 You make me weak

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When Della heard the first knock.

She quickly composed herself not wanting Spencer to see her like this. Della didn't want to go back in there and see Andre. It just hurt so much. It hurt even more when Amber brought her pregnancy endeavors with her. It reminded Della of all the time she never had with Andre. She wondered how it would have been like if Andre had been there with her through out all those times..

Would Andre have loved to accompany her to the doctor for her routine check ups? Would he have been excited about having their first child? Would he have held her hand during labor and tell her that everything would be okay?

She couldn't stop comparing her first child experience with everyone else who had a smooth sail with their partner. She will admit that she was beyond jealous.

She was jealous—

Jealous because she never had that.

"Come in?" Della said in a composed voice. Her eyes puffy from crying. All the air left her lungs when she saw a certain 6'2 male blonde entered the cabin suite. She watched him as if it was in slow motion. As he closed the door only for his dazed blue eyes study her from head to toe, as she sat on the bed in the middle of the room. She felt self conscious. He felt as if he was staring at the most beautiful woman in the world. His breath was caught in his throat. It was crazy to think he once had her.. beautiful as she is. He once had her with no complications. They were married, he was one lucky bastard who got to see her every evening and wake up next to her every morning. That pestering feeling that he once had her and he let her go. Andre had it all with this woman and he let it all go and now she was engaged, promised to another man.

Della had not noticed but now that he was up close and not in the far corner of a room filled with more than a hundred people. She noticed it instantly that he was wearing his wedding suit.

"Are you alright?" He asked, walking to seat beside her on the elegant bed cover.

"I'm fine." Della said almost immediately.

Andre nodded as he noticed the lavish ring on her finger. His heart felt as if it was tightening in his chest. It felt restricted.

"Why did you wear this suit?" She asked him. He hadn't expected her to notice but she did and he didn't have a straight answer when thinking about it.

"I wanted.." he paused. "I wanted to somehow feel the same feeling, I felt that day on the second of May." Andre said their anniversary date. "I wanted to somehow feel like I still have you. That you're going to be wearing my ring instead of his—"

There was silence between them.

"So why did you bring her?" Della asked her voice laced with jealousy.

"I needed a date since I lost my wife because I was stupid. Since I let her go and never got to feel the same way Daniel feels right at this moment." Andre said with a shrug fumbling with his fingers. They both felt the same way about this whole pregnancy guilt.

"I wanted to tell you, I tried." Della said softly.

"I know you did." He responded remembering how she had begged and begged him to give him only two minutes because she had something important to tell him.

"I didn't do it, intentionally Andre. I wasn't asking you to take me back.. I just wanted you to know you were going to be a father." Della said in a low voice. "I figured you wouldn't accept Leo because I had cheated—" Andre interrupted.

"You didn't, I know you didn't."

"I get that you would have had doubts about him being yours." She murmured. "I don't blame you." She shrugged.

"When were you going to tell me? If we hadn't met—" He asked her.

"I wasn't." She said firmly. "I always told Leo the truth. I didn't want to lie to him so he would later hate me. I just told him that his father left when he wasn't born yet. He didn't know that he existed." She sighed. "If he wanted to look for you in the future, I wouldn't have lied to him either. I was going to tell him the truth—"

Andre couldn't imagine that.

"I was going to tell him your name and that you share the same blue eyes and blonde hair. That you have the same habits, you both hate raisins and that.. you're a good man and it just didn't work out."

Andre felt guilty.

"I was already absent for six years of his life and I can't imagine if I had missed more only for him to look for me when he is older.."

"Leo loves you regardless." Della said.

"But you don't?" He questioned. Della was quiet as the background music of the orchestra played from afar.

"I do but it doesn't matter."

Andre smiled, hearing her admit that she loved him made him have mixed feelings.

"It does." Andre said quickly taking her left hand in his. "I can't and will likely n

u?" Andre stopped immediately when he tasted the salty drops in between their lips as they kissed. They were so close, they were practically breathing the same air. She looked at his delicate eyes filled with concern.

She cried.. "N-no I'm just so happy, I missed you so much." She cried.

"I missed you more.." He whispered in her ear as they continued with their entwined movement. She felt so overwhelmed, she loved this man and right he here at this moment, he was with her in the most intimate way and nothing absolutely nothing could be better than that. With their breaths ravaged, Della tightened around Andre's manhood making it hard for him to move. It took only a two more thrusts, as he released a string of white substance inside her. The warm substance brought Della into her own climax. Andre made sure to thrust deeper as he released his seeds inside her, he wanted to make sure that she would bear his fruit in her womb no matter what.

This is what they both wanted.

He was about to move when Della stopped him.

"Don't.." She said pulling him back. She loved his warmth.

"I read in a magazine that laying like this a few minutes after, can help make sure that.."

"You get pregnant.." he finished her sentence and she nodded.

He smiled, a feeling if excitement, piercing through both of them. As they laid entwined, Andre to this time to lay kisses all over her face and neck. Her collar bone.. her breasts.

Some moments later they decided they needed to go back. Della didn't bother wiping herself, she just wore her panties and then put on her dress. She was glad Andre hadn't laid any hickeys in her neck area or collarbone area. She didn't want a repeat of Spencer's abusive tendency.

Andre gave her one last kiss as she helped him out on his black tie. He thought it was the last kiss but he ended up giving her another one as he pressed her against the door.

"You make me weak.." he admitted.

She smiled kissing him back.

When she walked back into the great hall. She felt as if all eyes were on her. Andre had remained behind because them coming back in together would be very suspicious. Lucio gave her a wink. She felt her father's scrutinizing gaze. Jeanine as well. She felt as if maybe she looked fucked. She had tried fixing herself properly.

"Where the hell have you been Della—" Spencer gave her a tight smile because all the eyes were on them and it seemed they had been looking for her.

Suddenly Luc came over with a wet dress shirt. He had been drinking water and purposely spilled it on himself discretely

"Hey Della thanks, I owe you. I'm renting this tux so if it had went back with red wine. I have no idea how much I would have had to pay." Luc lied know exactly what his sister in law had been up to with his brother.

"O-oh yeah. With clumsy Leo you get used to these type of things." Della coughed.

Spencer sighed as he gave Della a smile.

"I thought you were with that fucker, thanks goodness." He whispered in her ear. From afar she could see Andre smirking at her as his date shouted at him. He didn't seem to care much.

It would be a long evening.

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