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   Chapter 60 There are many empty rooms

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Garreth had asked for the most expensive yacht, Amanda could find; being the show off that he is. A luxury yacht isn't just a mode of transportation but rather a symbol of wealth and status that can only be afforded by wealthy billionaires all around. Ofcourse the most luxurious yachts feature certain chattels such as movie helipads, a retractable roof, theaters, deck rails, stare case, anchor, multiple swimming pools, sauna's, hot tubs, suites with reception rooms, bathrooms, dressings rooms, balconies attached to them and of-course magnificently huge gala great hall for events such as these-

When Garreth said the biggest yacht, he certainly wasn't joking. The Lady Moura (yacht) had cost Garreth approximately $256 Million. It could host up to 155 guests along with 70 crew members. Garreth planned to invite as many people as he could. The more the people, the more distracted they would be of any tragedy that would occur.

It had been a lot of hard work for Amanda, she had asked for Spencer and Ignacio's help... with planning. For general work they took some of their man from the underground business to come help with the set ups. Garreth Mccarthy always went all out when planning such huge events. Only because he wasn't the one making sure that the deco that he desired had been done and the types of chairs he requested had been brought in. This would be an easy event if it was at any place like the Ritz Carlton hotel. But no this was a yacht and it was twice as hard. Getting the man to move everything from the harbor to the yacht.

Della was defeated as she saw Andre walk in extravagantly late, one hand around her waist and the other in his pocket. His blonde hair was gently slicked back. She viciously stared at his hand that was on her small curvy waist, she wasn't wearing any underwear. Della gushed with disgust. Yes her dress was elegant but it was just showing so much skin.. just too much. Della felt foiled. This girl looked certainly younger, she watched as Andre walked around with a look of disdain on his face. He had an 'I don't care' look on his face as he shrugged at everything that she said. Sometimes she seductively whispered things in his ear.

Della felt her skin tingle with jealousy. Looking down at the ring that rested on her finger.

She sighed.

"Babe, this is Nicholas Passos—" Spencer broke Della away from her jealous thoughts. "He was well accommodating when I went to Portugal."

"Beautiful." Nicholas complimented in a deep Portuguese accent. Della gave the man who looked roundabout Spencer's age a small smile. She had never met him. He had not met her ever since he had to return to Portugal. Nicholas regretted not putting much effort in courting McCarthy's daughter. She was a true beauty. The way her naturally long lashes fluttered. Her pouty lips grazed with red lipstick. The way her pearly white skin took the spotlight from any feature on her body whenever she smiled.

"Spencer!!" Someone's voice roared from behind them. A fifty piece orchestra band was playing, it was distracting when engaging in conversations. Garreth has told the captain who was leading the yacht to at-least sail a few yards fifty yards away from the harbor. Once all the guests had settled in, no one could tell that it was moving. There was a lot of chatter.. but to Garreth's disappointment. Marcela didn't show up. He was glad because he really didn't want to pursue the deed that he had planned on doing. Spencer was his main target now.

"Lucio!" Spencer greeted giving Lucio a firm manly hug. Nicholas couldn't stop himself from rolling his brown eyes. Lucio flickered his eyes to Nicholas and immediately cringed. "I'm so sorry. I heard about your father.." Spencer gave his condolences but Lucio shrugged.

"Atleast I get to be Don now unlike other people.. who're almost thirty and still Capo's" Lucio said confidently. "Oh I didn't see you there... Passos. Didn't think you of all people would get an invite." Lucio extended sarcastically in his Italian accent.

Nicholas only clicked his tongue walking away from the scene. Nicholas knew that if he didn't leave the spot, someone would die. He had never hated someone as much as he did Lucio and he didn't even understand why. Ofcourse the Portuguese and Italian mafia had never came face to face and they were far from being fond with each other for many generations, they hadn't.

"Coward.." Lucio muttered before turning to Della who had her eye on Andre. Spencer had introduced the two then immediately left to attend to Garreth's many requests. That left Della with Lucio..

"You miss him huh?" Lucio said in a deep Italian accent.

"Yes." Della surprised herself by admitting it. Lucio took the flute of his wine in one go as

heard about Benjamin from Danny.. you know Andre told him." Gloria said trying not to seem like a gossip.

"Ofcourse.." Jeanine scoffed looking to see Andre talking to his best friend Danny and his pregnant wife. It was really showing now.

"I'm sorry I have been so busy.. I just can't wait for my grandchild. It's a little girl.." Gloria said excited. Jeanine felt sad, she literally never had that. She never got to be excited about Della being pregnant or seeing her son excited about being a first time father. In fact Andre never got to do or see that or have that experience for six years. She hoped if only Della would get pregnant again so her son could have that experience but it looked unlikely to happen anytime soon since another man had claimed her.

"Oh congrats Gloria.." Jeanine replied.

"How unthoughtful of me.." Gloria said as she saw where Jeanine's eyes were looking.

Daniel told Andre that him and Amber were having a little girl. Andre was happy for his friend but seeing his happiness and excitement hurt.

"She has became all types of annoying lately. I'm just glad we're over the morning sickness period." Danny told Andre.

It was unfortunate for Andre because most of the things that Danny said all sounded gibberish. He didn't know much about morning sickness or trimester what-

Della went through it alone.

"Woah, I'm really happy for you. So when is the big day?" Andre asked.

On the other hand.

Della had introduced Spencer to Amber. She felt a feeling of sadness from all the reminders that Amber brought. Della was at such a low point in her life that, going to the doctor was a luxury. Not once did she see the doctor until the very due date. She had no idea she was having a boy.. it was all just a surprise for her. Sometimes she blamed herself for the complications that happened at the birth of Leo. It was because she never got checked up. It was a hard decision, it was either she worked enough money to survive, eat and take care of her pregnant self or she went to the doctor just this once and would be left with no preparations for the baby or money for rent and such necessities.

"Danny is excited. I was hurt when both you and Andre didn't show up for the baby shower.."

Della remembered that was the day, he had relentlessly made her release twice on the kitchen counter. She cried right after for being too weak that's why she decided again the party. Della was simply too overwhelmed with Amber's pregnancy stories. She excused herself, she roamed around the halls and the deck railing of? the beautiful yacht. When she found an empty suite in the Far East corner from the dining hall. She slumped on the huge king sized bed and let out a whimper of pain and sorrow.

It was just much for her.

Andre had taken this opportunity to ask one of the crew members where she had went and followed her there. On his way there he had gotten lost and heard moans and groans from another suite. The name Alfredo was being repeated over and over. Andre cringed as he looked for the deck suite #56. He couldn't take the silence between them. He didn't care if she was engaged—

He just didn't.


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