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   Chapter 59 My love is enough for the both of us

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Della looked at the gown that Spencer had sent her. It was written 'Alfred Sung strapless High/Low satin twill ballgown' It screamed extravagant. It was was elegantly fine, with the dark maroon color.

"Atleast you're happy with your date.." Della sighed as she looked at her face on the mirror. She was glad the hired make up artist had managed to hide her eyes bags. All the crying that she had been doing wasn't helping.

"Yeah Alfredo is really trying.." Mila smiled. "He told Garreth and everything will be okay.." Mila added just to lighten up the mood but Della was still sad.

"I hope.. I don't regret this."

"You won't, Garreth knows exactly how to deal with his minion—" Mila said softly.

"I'm just not looking forward to seeing Andre; with another woman." Della admitted.

"He probably said that just to make you jealous.." Mila giggled but Della didn't. She looked absolutely breathtaking with the red matte lipstick to match her maroon strapless dress. It outline and well defined her beautiful white smile. Her eyes revealed all sorts of lugubriousness no matter how hard she tried to cover it up.

"I hope so.." Della sighed. She wasn't worked up about the whole black tie yacht event. She hadn't even tried on her dress to see if it fit her properly. All she wanted to do was stay home with her baby and watch Hotel Transylvania; his favorite.

"Don't worry, alright? Garreth will put a stop to Spencer sooner than you think—"

She merely just gave Mila a small smile. Mila seemed excited already wearing Lulus convertible chiffon gown. Snapping selfies of herself here and there. Della just sat next to her dress as it was still in its packaging. She just sat in her morning gown. Looking miserable. Mila tried to cheer her up.. but it didn't help. Mila was excited because these were her types of events. She lived for the spotlight and she was just enjoying the perks of having something with a well off man even though they had not made anything official. Mila jumped with joy when she saw a box of lavish chocolates right next to her gown as it was being delivered by Alfredo's driver. He even had a make up artist come over at Della's apartment as per Mila's request. Della just watched how happy her friend seemed. She didn't want to ruin Mila's night with her problems. Mila had finally gotten all the things she had always wanted.. she wanted a man who treated her well and knew how spoil.

She deserved every good thing, Alfredo was doing for her. She hadn't had that in a long time.

She asked Mila about how she felt about Alfredo's occupation. How she would deal with it all.. would she go back to Mexico for his sake—

"We're not getting married Della.. relax." Mila quirked.


Ignacio rolled his eyes, for what seemed like the tenth time. 'Della this, Della that. Can't that bitch just die already..' Ignacio thought to himself as he handed Spencer back his little black box that contained a platinum round cut diamond solitaire ring with side diamonds.

"It's nice." Ignacio shrugged.

"Just nice?" Spencer questioned.

"Yeah just nice, it's cute." Ignacio said ignorantly taping and swiping on his phone. That annoying kid Luc kept bothering him.

'Dude, I'm not anyone's boyfriend; I'm not gay or bi either. I don't have any label and that's that. Relationships? I don't roll like that. You're a good kid. Good luck finding a date, no bad blood.' Ignacio.

He shrugged once more watching Spencer put on his clean white dress shirt that perfectly defined his body structure. He looked at Spencer dreamily..

Spencer turned to look at him when he was doing his last top button.

"Hey man, are you okay?" Spencer questioned curiously.

"Dude yeah.. what gave

wned for more than two years.. Andre decided to wear his wedding tux. It was still new just like yesterday when he watched her walk down the aisle. Occasionally he wore his wedding tux just to somehow feel the excitement that he felt the night before getting married and as he stood there waiting to see her. It was indeed one of the best moments in his life. He remembered bickering with his mom about the suit.

Jeanine as always had picked out a designer suit even though he had continuously told her that; Adela and himself wanted something simple.

This suit meant so much to him because for the first time, he rebelled against his mom. On the morning of the wedding, he had Danny pick out his original simple suit and the custom designer suit that his mom had picked out for him stayed untouched in its place. He had told Adela to do the same thing.. to wear the dress of her choice and leave the one his mother had picture out for her.

At the wedding Jeanine almost had a heart attack. Andre shook his head thinking about it, a smile on his lips. That was until he realized she would soon forget about that wedding because she had an upcoming one.

As he was about to button his blazer.

He saw a stain inside on the right inside pocket were the brand name was written right next to the inside pocket. Della had messed that part with red wine. She couldn't stop laughing—

They were so happy. He thought to himself.

"That suit has even lost its color. You can't wear that.." Marcelle had abruptly opened what was once Della and Andre's bedroom.

"I'm wearing it." Andre said in a serious tone.

"Andre you can afford a new suit and you want to go in that.." Marcelle couldn't hide the embarrassment that she felt.

"You can always pretend you don't know me.." Andre gave a dry joke which sent Marcelle off the edge.

"It was cute when you would make those jokes but now it's just stupid. You're stupid Andre.." Marcelle let out.

"Woah thanks." Andre shrugged.

"You never care about anything I have to say, it's as if my opinion doesn't matter to you. How will we have a relationship when you never take me seriously Andre?" Marcelle yelled out her frustrations.

"You're a little girl, Marcelle. I will never take you seriously." Andre responded putting on his Rolex.

Marcelle composed herself.

"I love you regardless." She said softly. "I will wait for you downstairs."

Andre shrugged, he didn't care. Even if she left he wouldn't care.


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