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   Chapter 58 That ungrateful son of a bitch

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'Can I come see you? It's also okay if you don't want me to.' - Andre Levetté

It didn't take long before Della had replied, yes. She didn't understand why he even had to ask.. maybe because after their previous incidences she had been trying really hard to avoid him. She really wanted to see him, he was her safe haven. Especially after that phone call, surely he wanted answers and she wasn't ready to give him. She had said it all out of impulse. She was having cold feet. She decided to distract herself by doing a bit of writing. What Spencer had done had inspired her to write something that she had never ever even thought of. She hadn't written in so long and she thought maybe scribbling a few words would make her feel a tad bit better about the whole situation but she found herself drawn into writing not just a page but multiple pages. Supposedly something good had came out of this-

She let out all her anger, sorrow and sadness all on her journal. She realized that this wasn't just a journal anymore, it could be more. She decided to grab her laptop that she hadn't touched in so long. Leo is the only person who played games here and there. She didn't even want to watch Netflix, not after they advertised Ted Bundy's series or Ted Bundy tapes. She felt her skin crawl. Out of all the suggestions, they just had to suggest that to her. She felt absolutely sick at heart. Mila had told her not to go to work but she wished she had so she could get her mind off things. She eventually listened to Mila when she made the point that.. Spencer that monster would be looming and roaming around Ritz Carlton hotel.

When she heard the knock on the door. Her heart skipped a beat. She was nervous.. as if this was her first date. She just wanted Andre to hold her and never let her go. She wanted him to kiss her and make her forget. Della felt absolutely dirty when she thought about the incident that had happened with Spencer. She loathed his name or just the mere thought of him. Della fixed her hair.. she didn't know why she was this nervous. She had butterflies in her stomach.. she didn't know what she would say to him.

As she slowly opened the door, her excitement died out-

Seeing him.

"Brought you lunch.." Spencer gave her a somewhat warm smile as he let himself in. She stood stagnant on the door, she really didn't feel like this. Lord please not today, she prayed in heart. Spencer set the food on the kitchen counter where she remembered being intimate with Andre and how absolutely amazing it had felt. Truth be told.. she missed him.

"Thanks.." Della said clearing her throat as she closed the door. She felt her skin crawl.. she didn't want to be anywhere near him but he then walked over to her. Her heart couldn't stop thudding with fear but he only kissed her on the cheek then went back to taking out the food from the McDonald's bag. She felt so disgusted..

"Got some nuggets, McFlurry, Big Macs... figured we can't always eat out at fancy restaurants. Ignacio actually suggested McDonald's, he thinks sometimes I'm overly fancy and I must enjoy the simple things." Spencer chuckled to himself.

Della forced a smile.

"Ignacio sounds nice.." she said I'm a small voice.

"Yep, the absolutely best. He is my best friend. Don't think I have tol

tter not be lying to me because I swear to God-"

"Why would I lie?" Alfredo said trying to stay as far as Garreth as Garreth kept throwing anything that he could get his hands on.

Garreth chuckled.

"Ooh that ungrateful son of a bitch!"

"Don't do anything stupid.." Alfredo said standing in his corner fearing Garreth might throw another tantrum. Garreth unbuttoned the first two buttons of his dress shirt and removed his blazer.

"I will try.." Garreth breathed out, taking his pills from the wall cabinet. "I hate being like this.. my daughter can't even trust me to protect her because I'm a lunatic.. and I sorely depend on Spencer.." Garreth said a little emotionally.

"I need help, Alfredo. I want to get better for my daughter.." Garreth said kicking the brown mahogany cabinet.

"Start with anger management lessons." Alfredo responded.

"Not after I deal with Spencer..!" Garreth said with so much anger he bit on his lower lip until it started bleeding. He loved the metallic taste on his tongue. He knew that Spencer expects his to act crazy and delusional but he wouldn't. He would stay hidden like a snake and strike when he leasts expects it.

"Thanks Alfredo.. I wouldn't have known." Garreth said softly and Alfredo nodded. Felipé immediately budged in when he heard the commotion, afraid that Alfredo might have been hurt being alone with Garreth.

As soon as Alfredo left, Garreth called his assistant Amanda to clear the mess and once more buy more furniture and replace everything that he had broken out of anger. Garreth needed to see if his daughter was okay. He asked Amanda not to inform Spencer of what he had just had. He knew that Spencer would know that he was in trouble if he heard Garreth had thrown yet another tantrum. Garreth needed to think straight.

"Are you alright boss? That man is crazy.." Felipé asked Alfredo when they were in the elevator. Alfredo only nodded as he texted Mila that's everything would be okay.

It seemed Marcela wasn't the only one who would be drowning tomorrow. He called all his other partners, from the mafia counsel and made a few arrangements. Garreth was angry with himself for letting Della down.


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