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   Chapter 57 You broke my brother

Judas Kiss. By Antonette Liebermann Characters: 6969

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Jeanine marched out of the Brooklyn police station with her gucci purse in hand and a branded sunglasses to hide face from the shame that her son constantly caused her. Day in and out. Luc followed behind his mother. Dressed in last nights clothes, hair disheveled and tiny stubble right below his chin. His mom didn't even spare him a glance as she went into her silver latest Range Rover. She didn't want to bring a driver along, that would just bring a lot of unwanted attention.

Luc was practically running behind his mother who immediately opened the drivers door to her car. She seemed angry, as she slammed the door shut, Luc thought but this wasn't the first time. He just needed someone to bail him out and a ride to where ever he was going to go to. Then he would get out of her hair.

The drive was silent.

Luc whistled here and there.

"Just shut up will you!!" Jeanine snapped at her son who only shrugged.

"Why can't you be more like Andre huh Luc? Is that so hard? You're such an embarrassment to us all. Why can't you be normal. You don't want to grow up and you're practically homeless and jobless. You're only surviving off Andre." Jeanine yelled hitting the staring wheel with her recently manicured nails.

Luc only laughed.

"You're a disgrace." Jeanine spat fuming with anger and disbelief.

"You want me to be like Andre? So you can drug my pregnant other half and deceive me too?!" Luc chuckled. "You can miss me with that bullshit." Luc said looking at his side of the window noticing how busy the New York streets always were.

Jeanine was utterly shocked.

"I would rather be homeless and jobless than live up to your expectations where I can't even be myself and I'm not happy. If you think what you did was what was best for Andre then you're mistaken.." Luc continued. "You don't even notice how much weight Andre has lost these past few years. He is actually looking better now these couple of months ever since she came back.."

Jeanine pretended to be focused on the road but every word that her son said hit her like ton of bricks s

decision it was everyday. I suppose when Andre finally decided to play the piano.. you were so overjoyed ; you even bought him his own piano that he didn't even want.. Andre wanted a guitar not some personally crafted piano that was played by a great pianist from the 1800s, that should have been in a museum somewhere."

Jeanine never ever realized how much she had hurt her kids She had absolutely no idea that this was the way they felt.

"Andre spent his whole life impressing you and listening to you then he finally met Della. He loved her with everything he had, you could literally take away everything from him but not Della. She meant everything to him at the time and I'm pretty sure even now."

"For fucksake, he dressed how you wanted him to, he was the perfect child always, he played the sports you wanted him to, he studied what you wanted him to and the only thing you could have at-least allowed him to have was a choice in whom he wanted to spend the rest of his miserable life with.."

"Don't ever ask me to be like Andre.! This is me, you either like it or you move along and do what you do best.."

Jeanine only realized the damage that she had done in this moment and time. She had put Andre through so much and she couldn't take it back.


Super tired, not the best chapter this is just a filler continuation. Will do a proper chapter tomorrow x


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