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   Chapter 56 Just came for inspection

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Della came back home with a frown on her face, once again-

Jeanine had insulted through out the wedding preparations and she couldn't take it anymore. She was ready to pack her bags and leave. Jeanine told her once that she would make Della's life hell if she didn't leave her son alone. Della cried in the bathroom of the bridal boutique. She didn't want a life like this, she would just rather not. Jeanine kept talking about the influx of immigrants and how they were ruining the United States of America. She wasn't even a US citizen herself. She obviously did it to spite Della amongst her good overweening friends.

"Gloria, these Mexicans are just everywhere.. even in my sons bed." Jeanine had said while Della was in the dressing room.

"Della looks Caucasian.. I never even thought she was one of them." Gloria replied.

"How can you not? Her inadequate english even her speech is diluted but what can we do since that's what Andre wants.. street trash."

Della had even stopped putting on her dress just to listen as they insulted her. It wasn't the first time. She knew Jeanine never liked her but she assumed maybe she would atleast give her a chance before judging her.

"Andre doesn't know what he wants.. surely he wants to see how it feels like to be with a poor girl beforehand.." Jeanine added.

"It's easy maintenance darling, if Andre bought her a $20 ring she would even jump for joy.." Gloria laughed with Jeanine.

"She isn't worth spending hundreds of thousands on, I'm actually mad that he gave a budget for half a million for this ridiculous wedding. She doesn't even have class, she told me she wanted to wear her grandmothers hideous dress.." Jeanine crunched her face with disgust. "Worthless."

"It's good you're here to help her, this would be an embarrassing scene for the Levetté's."

Della had kept quiet as she pretended as if she had not heard any of their judgement. She was hurt. As soon as she got home, she immediately started packing her belongings.. this wasn't her place and maybe they were right Andre deserved better. After packing she decided, she wouldn't just leave-

She would leave him a note with an explanation.

She didn't know what to tell him but she knew he deserved an explanation. She was glad she had not yet been intimate with him. There would be no way she was pregnant, there would be no way. She was afraid and a bit ashamed. She did things with Andre and just maybe she wasn't a virgin anymore. It stressed her. Whenever they went too far, she would tell him it's painful; being the wimp that she is.. she always backed out. She was afraid that just because Andre had not entered her fully, it didn't mean he had not already broke her hymen. Andre was always sweet and comforting, he always put her first even though he really needed it and if he was another uncultured male he wouldn't have stopped at her request. In any matter she knew she had to back out before there was a child, before they were in too deep.

"What are you doing?" A deep husky voice startled her making her drop her pen. She looked back only to see Andre's concerned face. Her diamond engagement ring laid on his bed side along with the paper where sh

emorseful for anything, she only thought about herself. Whatever reasons that she had, Andre knew that she didn't even think about the fact that he would go to jail and his father company would crumble. This was one of the things that Benjamin Levetté was most proud of in his life. Jeanine just wanted to ruin all that hard work that every Levetté had worked for. Did his father even know anything about this?

"It's not your fault, Fernando." Andre sighed. "Just leave a sample packaging so I can have it run past the lab."

He knew the shipping had to go because that would raise questions if it was stopped and didn't arrive.

"Cover everything up." Andre said, he suddenly had a throbbing headache but he would ignore it. Even if he had to call the cops, this everything here, only pointed back to the Levetté and there was absolutely no way they could justify themselves because his own mother had been the one dealing with the shipments.

"Norah!" Andre called.

"Yes.." She answered.

"My phone.." Andre asked and Norah immediately handed it to him. Andre snapped a few images of the scene before Fernando covered everything up putting back the wine bottles on top.

He immediately texted her mother the images. Jeanine almost had a heart attack when she opened the image. The only thought she had was that video that Garreth was holding over her head. It was as if this was all karma coming back to bite her ass for every single evil deed.

Ten minutes had not even passed when she received a heartbreaking text that made her question every life decision that she has ever made. Her life was ruined, this was what she didn't want in the first place but here it was happening.

'I want a divorce.' - Benjamin Levetté

And another one.

'Jeanine, you have really done it this time.' - Andre Levetté

And another one.

'Mama, can you bail me out? Andre and dad won't return my calls. Don't text back this is one of the officers phone. Thanks in advance, freaking life saver you're. The address is right below.' - Luc Levetté

And lastly.

'This shipment is $7, 3 Million on its own and you're about to cost me that much. If it doesn't get to Portugal, enjoy being featured on pornhub.' - Garreth McCarthy.


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