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   Chapter 55 Consider Spencer dead

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She had been working the whole day. Nerves were getting the best of her. She had to do this for her best friend. She was going to put her pride aside so she could help Della. She didn't know what Alfredo will ask of her but even if it was sex, she would do it. Mila was well aware that nothing is for free in this world that we live in, everything has a price and a stamp. She had been checking in with Becca the receptionist for the current shift.

Becca had checked Molinero's movements, ofcourse he went to the hotel gym early in the morning.. he went out a couple of times then checked back in at around nine pm. Mila wondered why he hadn't called her? Had he found a new lover she was that easy to replace huh? If he didn't care about her then why didn't he go back to Mexico.

More importantly why was she staring at the door like an idiot. She was in her uniform, she could use that as an excuse. Mila just had so much pride, it just wouldn't let her.

"Room service.." She said when Alfredo's massive body guard had opened the door. Letting her in.. with a smirk.

"Mr. Molinero didn't order anything.." Felipé said deliberately.

"He ordered something else.." Mila nervously laughed but Felipé didn't even blink at her little banter. Alfredo then came out of the shower, his jet black hair wet, a white towel hung loosely around his perfectly sculptured hips, a V shape visible. Her eyes outline his chest area, the tattoo.. supposedly now it had dawned onto her that it was about her. He really cared that much about her? Alfredo was drying his hair with a towel. He didn't see her until he lifted his head. He was surprised but a bright gleamer of happiness could be seen from his usually cold distant grey eyes.

"Mila.." He said clearing his throat. "Felipe, you may go back to your suite. I will be fine." He instantly dismissed.

"Are you sure?" He asked.

"Perfectly sure, in fact you should go have fun, I will personally deposit some money into your account. Go have fun Felipé!" Alfredo persuaded. He was too happy, he was too happy that he was thinking out of impulse. Felipé was surprised. He hadn't had a day off ever since they arrived and he thought he could really use some time off also to explore New York because it was his first time here. The perks of traveling with the boss was he got to travel but they rarely ever came to New York.

"Alright, Boss take care." Felipe said leaving them alone. What he didn't tell Alfredo was two of their men were staying in the right neighboring suite and the left neighboring suite next to Alfredos. It was a safety precaution, Alfredo was an important person and even if he didn't ask for protection. He had to be protected either way.

Alfredo couldn't hold himself.

She couldn't either.

Especially seeing how welcoming he was of her and the fact that he wasn't mad at her; there was also no other women. Alfredo only took four long strides towards Mila. Pressing her against the wall, towering over her. He couldn't deny that he hated this uniform, he absolutely loathed it. The way it showed off Mila's sexy caramel legs and the way it shaped her round breasts. Mila gasped as she took Alfredo in. She missed him, she missed this... she wouldn't admit it. She didn't mind the fact that they couldn't talk without ravaging each other like Animals.

Mila moaned when he lifted her off her feet, immediately walking over to his king sized bed.

"I missed you so much." He whispered in her ear, it made her have butterflies. She felt herself blush. She wouldn't admit that she missed him too especially when his manhood was pressed against her very thin panties and her dress hiked up... him being in only a towel wasn't helping. Mila suddenly wasn't shy anymore, she wanted this. She was tired of using her stupid dildo to pleasure herself. She couldn't replace him. She couldn't replace how he made her feel in and out of bed.

As they kissed slowly, Alfredo's minty breath was alluring. She couldn't take it anymore. Alfredo didn't want to force her into anything, if she wanted them t

to spend more time with her.

"Alfredo no." She said hesitantly.

"We could order room service.." He said softly. "You finished all my energy you owe me that at least."

Mila wore one of Alfredo's dress shirts since that's what was mostly filled in his wardrobe. It ended just below her thighs. Alfredo ordered roast chicken for two, served with foie gras, black truffle and brioche. As they indulged in their delicious serving. Mila had her legs crossed as she sat on the huge bed. It was her idea that they ate in the bed when there was clearly a small lounging area.

She told him everything that had happened. At first she begged him not to tell Spencer that Della had told anyone. Alfredo grew mad as Mila told her the whole ideal, he was utterly disgusted to have even once called Spencer a friend.

"This is all Garreth's fault." Alfredo said still contemplating. "He called me here so that I could court his daughter. He doesn't have a son to take over his reign so he had to get another Mafia don to woo and marry Della without realizing it.. after our first encounter, I didn't pursue her because I knew exactly whom I wanted."

Mila blushed.

"A couple of other Dons and Capos were around but I don't think they scored a chance with Della. That only left Spencer as the winner by default."

"How could he do that to his own daughter?" Mila said with concern. "Spencer is a horrible person."

"I know.. and I'm glad you felt you could trust me with this." Alfredo said softly kissing her hand.

"What should we do?" She asked. She had no plan no clue and was hoping Alfredo would be able to help. "I really need your help.."

"I will speak to Garreth."

"But he is mad.." Mila whined.

"He has his days okay but trust me; he is a very smart man and you have no idea how much he adores Della especially since that's his only heir. I'm even afraid of what he will do to Spencer when he finds out.. Garreth will kill him and skin him alive before killing him.."

"What?! He is capable of that?" Mila asked clearly shocked.

"Consider Spencer dead after what he just did."

"But I don't think Della wants anyone to die, jail would be fine enough punishment."

"Oh sweetheart, you wound me when you act so innocent." Alfredo smiled. "I'm not in control of what Garreth will do but all I know is it's not going to be good."

Mila nodded, now overthinking.

"Don't worry amour, I will send one of my men to be always be on guard of Della. She will be fine.. alright?"

Mila nodded.

Atleast tonight things had turned out better than expected. She loved how Alfredo had made her feel safe and loved. He wasn't as bad as she thought he was. She was willing to give him a chance.

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