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   Chapter 54 Daddy is sending kisses too

Judas Kiss. By Antonette Liebermann Characters: 9572

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He said don't tell anyone but-

Mila didn't count.

Mila was her bestfriend ofcourse she had to know. Della had called her immediately after Spencer had left her bathing. That lunatic had even put bubble bath and even softly scrubbed her back. He seemed very remorseful, he whispered. 'I'm sorry' every second. 'It won't ever happen again' Della was smart enough to just keep quiet. Her heart stopped beating when she finally saw a gun hidden on the side of the dressing table. It seemed he had removed it with the intention of taking it back after he was done whatever he intended to do.

In her whole existence of living she had never seen one, live. She was well aware that if Spencer wanted to kill her right here right now, he would have but he didn't. He grabbed a clean towel and wrapped it around her body. Della was scared stiff. She went to sit on the bed in her towel, still in shock. She wondered when he would leave because Leo would be here soon. She didn't want Leo to see her like this. She looked like a broken doll.

"Can I..get my phone?" She whispered.

"FOR WHAT?!" Spencer said defensively, she shivered with fear.

"I-i want to tell Andre that Leo should s-sleep over there because I don't want my baby to see me like this.." Della almost broke into painful weeping.

Spencer nodded.

He knew she was right, she looked horrible. Her sensitivity skin still had the mark where he had relentlessly clapped her. Her eyes bright red from all the crying, he couldn't even recognize her either. She looked like a mess.. then guilt crept in; this was all his doing.

"I will go get your phone and type for you.." Spencer said softly and she nodded. She went to her wardrobe and grabbed a T-shirt and trouser pajamas, she didn't want to dress provocatively. Spencer was a psycho, she was so sad. She felt like nothing ever goes right in her life. Her mother has never cared and now her father turned out to be a psychopath. Spencer could be lying but then why would he? She had seen it with her own eyes when he kept yelling 'I'm a good boy.'

Nothing good ever came out of anything she decided to pursue. This felt like a role play in a novel. Her life felt like that. The only good thing that came out of it was Leondre, her little boy. Thinking about him made her want to cry.. she did. Just thinking about how overprotective Leo was of her. Leo never wanted to see his mom hurt or crying. He remembered how Leo avoided Spencer at all costs, this must have been the reason. What was Spencer doing to her baby?

"I just texted him with your phone.. he said Albane will take him to his house." Spencer said cautiously. "I told him, you were not feeling well.."

She nodded.

Still waiting for him to leave.

"I'm fine now.." She smiles with teary eyes. Spencer felt guilty just looking at her.

"Do you want me to cook you some

h more.

"Are you feeling better now?" Leo asked in a sweet voice.

"Much better, what are you doing with your dad?" She asked, diverging the topic from being about her.

"We just ate spaghetti and meatballs, now we're watching Henry Danger." Leo told his mom. Andre watched as his son spoke to his mom, he was in awe. He just wanted Della to be alright, whatever that was wrong. Andre planned to go see her the next morning. Just to make sure that she was perfectly alright. It took him by surprise how she had texted him to take Leo to his place because she was not feeling okay and she needed space. Andre assumed it was because of what happened-

"I'm going to give dad the phone now.. I love you so much Mommy get well soon.." Leo said. "I'm blowing you a kiss even though you can't see it."

"There it is, I got it." Della giggled pretending to catch her son's kiss.

"Daddy is sending kisses too.." Leo added.

Della smiled.

"Tell him I got them close to my heart." Della said meaningfully, she meant it.

"Dad is blushing.." Leo laughed.

"No I'm not, give me the phone.." Andre said quickly. Della only smiled.

"Sleep well Della.." Andre said in a gentle voice.

"You too Andre.."

It was quiet for a few seconds.

"I love you.. Andre" Della did not even regretting it. When your life flashes before your eyes, it reminds you to appreciate the simple things in life, the people in your life, the simple moments in your life otherwise you will live with only self condemnation.

Andre was taken aback, he wasn't expecting it. He just assumed Della now hated him. Before he could reply.. the line went dead, she hung up on him. Andre wanted to call her back and tell her that he felt the very same way and much more. Nothing mattered but the fact that his first love had told him that she loved him and she had not done that in years.

Absolutely nothing mattered.


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