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   Chapter 53 I will get on my knees

Judas Kiss. By Antonette Liebermann Characters: 10016

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If Spencer said he wasn't hurt that would be a lie. He played it off in front of Ignacio but he was hurt and angry. He only felt resentment but he had to act fast.. After they had lunch together, he dropped her off at her place. She invited him in and they just lazily laid in each other's arms. Spencer started off by giving Della small kisses on her neck area. She giggled nervously. He was quick to hover over her body pressing his need against her abdomen. Della looked at him as he kissed her savagely. He didn't even give her the chance to respond as he simply went in for it.

"..Spencer.." She tried to protest pulling away but he wouldn't let her go as he furiously bit on her lower lip. She felt sharp pain, it wasn't enticing.

"Spencer stop.." she told him but he didn't he bit on her neck giving her cringe worthy hickeys. She felt her lips throbbing and her neck throbbing. She felt weak as he had both her hands pressed against the bed. She always thought sex wit Spencer would be enticing but now all she felt was pain. His right hand grabbed her breast roughly. Since he wasn't listening, she wanted to push him off. She tried but he was strong. He continued forcing his lips on hers, his eyes filled with lust.

He felt angry that he had been a gentleman with her and she was off fucking Andre when all he did was treat her like shit.

"..Spencer please stop.." she begged him then he did, only to rip her silk dress open. She gasped clearly now scared of what he would do next. She tried to sit up but he pushed her back on the bad with so much force she lands with her head.

"You tell me to stop but you don't tell Andre that now do you?"

Della's voice felt strained, her heart was beating fast. She could hear it thudding in her own ears. She was scared, she had never seen this side of Spencer.

"..I.. sorry.. I'm sorry Spencer." She whimpered.

"Don't be sorry, it's my turn now." He chuckled running his fingers through his hair. It was sickening. Della felt sickened. He then ripped the rest of her dress open, leaving it in shreds.

Della almost cried.

Tears brimmed under her eyes.

Spencer carefully unbuckled his belt.

"Please Spencer don't, I'm so sorry.." She begged but it fell on deaf ears.

"What does Andre have that I don't? Huh Adela?" He said holding her roughly by her cheeks only to push her back forcefully. Della felt her inner cheeks bleed from the hard friction inside against her teeth and Spencer's hard hold. She was now full on crying. Her neighbors were playing loud Spanish music, she knew no one would hear her if she screamed. She calculated how many steps it would take to run to the door. Spencer then walked to her bedroom door and locked it, putting the keys in his pocket. She looked around for her phone and realized she had left it on top of the microwave.. in the kitchen. She felt helpless, she couldn't fight Spencer he was twice her size and he would definitely.. leave her brain dead if he gave her just one p

on Della went on her knees. Spencer grabbed a fist of her hair. It was painful.. as soon as she came face to face with it and him hitting her cheeks with it utterly disgusted her.. it was pulsing with need. She was disgusted, when she had given Andre head she absolutely loved and enjoyed pleasuring him but right now-

Bile went up and unexpectedly she regurgitated all the lunch they had together earlier. She messed his dress pants and his shoes. Spencer growled walking away from her immediately.

"You're disgusting Adela." He yelled heading straight for the bathroom. To clean himself up. If she had known vomiting on him would set her free, she would have done it earlier. She stayed stagnant in her spot as soon as he came out. He gave her a sneer.

"I'm going to warn you Adela, I'm capable of killing your beloved father and sending Andre to jail... if you tell anyone what just happened.."

"You can't." Della yelled back.

"Your husband thinks he is shipping wine with Garreth but no. He is shipping drugs and ammunition's and guess what.. it's all in his name. I swear to God, Della if you tell anyone what just happened, I will send the father of your little brat to jail."

"I won't." Della immediately said defensively, she always was overprotective of Andre.

"This isn't over, you're still my girlfriend and you will act the way you did before all this.. infact let's forget this happened." Spencer sighed.

"Should I run you a bath?" He asked and Della stared at him in disbelief. Clearly this man was not alright in the head but she simply nodded. She did after all want to come out of this alive. She was glad he didn't threaten her son because that was her only joy.

"Alright, Princess let me run you a warm bath." He said immediately walking over to the bathroom. Della stared at her shredded clothes.. "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to.. I love you so much." Spencer said once more.

She thought she was going to die after he had went all Ted Bundy on her.

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