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   Chapter 52 To call you daddy in the bedroom

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"The last shipment?" Garreth questioned.

"Already done just waiting for the arrival." Spencer replied.

"Great. We use the Levetté's company as a cover up because they obviously sell wine and everyone assumes their packages are wine. Make sure you tell the men to check on the shipment before is goes and exchange the wine bottles with our stuff.."

"Yes.." Spencer nodded typing on his MacBook.

"Anything else.." Amanda asked. She was Garreth's personal assistant. She knew everything in and out just like the rest. She started off dating one of the men but then Garreth saw that she could be useful and do a much better job.

"I want to hold a yacht gala."

"Okay.." Amanda wrote it down. "Using your own yacht?" She questioned.

"No, I want a new one, a bigger one." Garreth whined.

"I will search one that we can rent."

"Did I say rent? I want you to buy it." Garreth grizzled.

"What's the occasion?" Spencer asked the man who sat behind his glass desk with his white suit looking untouched.

"Nothing, I miss dressing up and making scenes with the Levetté's. I just have so many plans. Amanda make sure you invite our beloved Marcela.." Garreth smirked. Spencer was sensing that he was obviously planning more.

"Imagine if she accidentally drowned.. oooh that will be shocking." Garreth chuckled.

"You do realize that her daughter will probably want to kill herself too because that's her mother.."

Garreth stopped laughing.

"Alright, I didn't think that through but I wouldn't kill her before getting a last fuck obviously.." Garreth added spinning on his black leather office chair.

"Your publicist said you can't be in another scandal not after what happened with the Levetté's previously.." Amanda added onto the conversation.

"If I'm going to kill her, I want everyone to know. I'm not going to hide her body.. I would want them to atleast bury her with dignity.. I'm not that heartless."

"She has a kid, that's already heartless." Ignacio decided to finally join the conversation. All along he was just seemingly bored playing with the long strands of his hair that almost covered his face. Unlike Spencer and Amanda who dressed formally, he was just in jeans, boots and a Freddie Mercury T-shirt. His nails were always painted black, Spencer thought that was just him being him nothing more to it. Ignacio had been watching Spencer talk, the way his lips moved or the way he stretched out his impeccably sexy muscles. He always had the body of a God, Ignacio thought to himself.

"Can you all get out, I need time to think.." Garreth said rather coldly. Amanda and Ignacio didn't hesitate leaving but Spencer remained.

"Don't do anything stupid.." Spencer said softly.

"Then you wouldn't have a job because you're here to clean up my mess." Garreth spat in a rude voice. At this point Spencer wanted to push the stupid spinning chair out on the twenty-second floor with its owner in it. The glass interior around his office made it look inviting. In his head he imagined it happening but he decided against it.

On the other hand.

"When will you tell him?" Amanda asked Ignacio.

"Never." Ignacio whispered back.

"Anyone could easily tell by the way you were looking at him with those heart emoji eyes." Amanda giggled going to her desk.

"Hahahaha very funny." Ignacio mocked as he took his phone out of his back pocket. Immediately seeing missed calls from Luc and a couple of texts.

Goodness Gracious, this kid needs to chill. Ignacio thought to

She complimented him implying that he looked even more handsome. Andre was fluttered. She always gave him compliments.

"Merci." He said giving her a small smile.

"Andre.. I'm grown now." She let out of the blue. "The last time you told me that I needed to grow up then you would consider giving me a chance. Then you broke my heart by going off to get married. It didn't work out this was fate, Andre don't you see it."

Andre remembered that day when she had planned to give him her virginity. She was merely sixteen and he was twenty-three at the time. He was beyond flabbergasted when he found her dressed inappropriately waiting for him in his room after an event had been held by his mother in their mansion in Lyon, France.

"Marcelle.." He was going to tell her no and she knew it.

"Please don't reject me Andre, I have waited all my life to be with you. I'm willing to take your son as my own. I'm willing if you just give me a chance. Just one date even just a one month trial. I'm not going to hate on your ex-wife or your son. I just want to make you make and you have always made me happy."

This was too much for Andre to process.

"Je t'aime Andre, you're the only man for me." She pleaded.


"Please Andre? Just one date, I swear I have matured. Please-"

"You should be swooning over Luc not me, he is your age group."

"I want you Andre, wouldn't you want me to call you daddy in the bedroom. Our age makes everything even more enticing.."

Andre shook his head.

"I thought you said you had matured?" Andre crossed his arms against his chest giving her a solemn expression.

"I have.." she protested.

"Then what are you on about? Marcelle you're young and beautiful. You deserve more, it's time you got over this obsession."

"Andre please.." She pleaded. "Just one date for you to see how much I have grown and matured.."

Andre just wanted her out of his face.

"Oui." He said hoping he wouldn't regret it. He just wanted her off his back. "I'm not dating you, just friends until I change my mind."

He was lying.

He didn't want her.

He would never give her a chance.

"Really oh my goodness, bébé." She jumped off her seat to hug, Andre who only seemed uncomfortable. His thoughts went back to Adela. He yearned for her and her love. She was the only women he desired.


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