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   Chapter 51 You haven’t been with a man in a while

Judas Kiss. By Antonette Liebermann Characters: 10843

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His mind wasn't even there as he walked into his vast kitchen with a 'U' center island; granite counter tops and decorative ceiling. Removing his tie, he didn't look up. There were atleast two upper stairs that led to the kitchen. It was was six am, yes he had slept at the office. It wasn't his intention maybe it was. He didn't want to come back to this huge house just so he could here the echo of his footsteps. The quietness got to him. He needed a smaller place, presumably a bachelors penthouse but he didn't want to let this house go. Della chose this house, it was their house, where they planned to share their lives together for the rest of their lives.

He heard whistling, Andre shook his head. He thought he had told Maya and the other two maids to take a day off because he was hardly at the mansion and there wasn't much to do except keep it clean from dust and make his bed as the rest of the other seven rooms remained empty and untouched.

A young man much shorter than Andre about 5'8 was making scrambled eggs while whistling as Andre tried to analyze the situation he realized this man was only in his boxers and an apron.

"What are you doing in my house?" Andre spoke the vast kitchen making an echo. The man turned around, he had a little black goatee and long shoulder length brown hair. "This is private property if you don't tell me what you're doing here and how you got in, I'm calling the police." Andre said with a solemn look.

"Ami!!!" Luc appeared. "Don't be rude to my friend." He hissed. Andre immediately let his guard down. He was expecting this, either this was Luc's companion or his mother had sent a chef to make him breakfast because he hardly ate, drowning himself in work. It was his routine for quite some time before he came across her again.

"Your friend?" Andre raised an eyebrow. "What is your friend doing half naked in my kitchen Luc?"

The man looked uncomfortable.

"You didn't tell me your brother was Andre Levette?? Dude you didn't even tell me you were a Levette." Luc's acquaintance said flippantly.

"I was going to tell you okay." Luc hissed back. Andre watched them bickering back and fourth. Ofcourse Luc towered over the young man with a few inches, so did Andre. It wasn't a lie that they were all quite tall.

"So are you going to introduce us or what?" Andre said raising an eyebrow. Luc then heaved a sigh as if he was exhausted, he only had a towel wrapped around his lean waist.

"Andre that's Ignacio, one of my friends whom I have been hanging out with. He knows all the best spots yah know-"

Andre cut his little brother off. He was already off topic as it is.

"Ignacio that's my moody brother; Andre the one I told you about, the one without a life." Luc said in a mocking tone making sure Andre heard exactly what he said.

"What's up man?" Ignacio greeted, Andre only nodded before turning to glare at his brother. Why was his brother using this house as a fuck fest house? He brought all his friends and hookups here. He had absolutely no respect for Andre's privacy. Just because he had been given an extra key didn't mean he could budge in whenever he felt like it. Andre made a mental note to tell the security at the gate not to allow him in

o drop by here first." Spencer aimed for Della's lips but kissed the side of her lips. She smiled, clearly embarrassed.. he didn't mind as he finally laid another kiss on her lips. He pulled her close to his chest. She let out a giggle, a very nervous giggle.

"So what did you bring me?" She joked, trying to make him stop his endless show of affection.

"Ofcourse." He smiled. "I brought some famous Portuguese Port wine and moscatel de setubal... to enjoy while watching your favorite chickflicks. Figured you would want to sleep over at my place soon enough." He gave her another kiss. "Andre should be up for babysitting."

"...Uh really that's so sweet." Della swallowed a lump on her throat. Spencer looked so happy and she knew they just wouldn't be watching chick flicks in his hotel room there would be a lot more than that..

"We could always watch them here.." She offered.

"No babe, I want us to have some alone time. I think we have reached that stage in our relationship.. I'm not in any way forcing this on you but I just want to know that, I'm ready.. to take this to the next level." He assured her laying another gentle kiss on her hand.

"I understand you haven't been with a man in a while and I only want to treat you like the Queen you're."

Della felt horrid, his statement absolutely ate her insides. She hadn't been with a man in only one day.

"I just need to go to the hotel, have a shower and sleep off this jet lag and I will call you later. Alright babe?" He asked and she nodded.

He then kissed her, she didn't respond for a while then finally gave in. Kissing Andre was different because she was used to him but kissing Spencer was also different because he was a new scenery that yearned to be explored.

"Tell the little man, I said hi. Here's my gift." Spencer added before heading out the door. As soon as he was gone, Della sighed thinking what had become of her life? It was suddenly so complicated and she couldn't deny that every time Spencer was sweet, her heart softened for him and at the same time she couldn't stop thinking about Andre.. could it be that she wanted the best of both worlds..


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