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   Chapter 50 I pulled out

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Last Goodbye by Jeff Buckley.


Time was going by fast. Della had dinner dates with Spencer, Leo spent time with his father. Andre would always treasure the moments when he would drop Leo off back home because that was the only time he could lay his eyes on her after the birthday party. He didn't understand why she was so distant with him. She looked away whenever he looked at her. She didn't look at him when ever they spoke. She was always at a distance away from him. Della was aware that she cared for Andre and that one way or another, he was her first love and they shared some sort of bond. Well on her side atleast, she was afraid-

She knew that she would easily give into him. He had this effect on her, he always did. It wasn't the way his baby blue eyes held her gaze or the way they fluttered pleasantly giving her a smile.. the smile that she loves and adored. The dimpled smile that her son had inherited. Everything was going well atleast.. civil so how did they end up naked in the middle of her Kitchen.


"Don't say anything.." Della hissed, she didn't know what she was feeling. It had to be guilt, after all these years of not needing this man.. she gave into him. She felt utterly embarrassed, disgraced, shameful. She felt like a stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid..

God knows all she wanted to do after this is go shower and cry under the blankets. Andre was quiet, he didn't know what to say, it had all happened so fast. They were both just so hungry for each other and more than anything; infatuated with need. He wasn't going to lie and say he didn't miss this. He missed it dearly, he missed being with his wife in every sense. No one could ever compare to the intimacy that they shared together. It was absolutely heaven and they both knew it. They shared such a beautiful chemistry that made their intimacy beyond savory.

"I'm sorry." Andre said softly. "I will leave if you want me to.."

Della didn't say anything, as she just sat there in the same stance. She looked between her legs-

"I pulled out." Andre said quietly buttoning his shirt.

He immediately regretted saying anything. He shouldn't have said anything. Della felt like a prostitute, while Spencer is in Portugal for two days... she is here doing this. Spencer absolutely adored her and she felt like a betrayer. The worst scum on earth not just sleep with anyone but it had to be her ex-husband. He didn't force her into anything. She did it willingly, she was filled with need as soon as she came, common sense immediately came seeping in along with guilt. She looked at Andre's now messy blonde hair, hickeys on his neck.. she clearly did that.

It had just been so long.

But that was no excuse.

"You shouldn't have came here Andre." Della finally let out, on the verge of tears.

"I swear I had no intention that this would happen okay? I just came to bring back the signed birth certificate that's all."

"But you know.." She almost yelled, she picked up her oversized white shirt and quickly put it on. She knew Andre's eyes were trained on her body. She had not even shaved her lower area-

But Andre didn't seem to care.

"Know what?" Andre snapped now buckling his belt.

"You knew this would happen.. this is why we can't be alone in the same room." Della said quickly wiping a tear away, it was all regret but deep down inside she wasn't going to lie and say she didn't enjoy every minute of having him pulse inside her.

"It's not my

ing at each other before realizing it and looking away.

"He has always been the trouble maker." Andre commented making them both acknowledge their son's mischievous attitude.

"I didn't have anyone... I hadn't met Mila yet." She added. "The pain was unbearable and I felt like.. I wouldn't be able to do it."

Andre listened attentively.

He should have been there.

"I was going to die, Andre." She said almost as a whisper. "I didn't even have the choice, the doctors just had to do a C-Section otherwise I was going to die."

She then hesitantly shrugged.

"I always think about what would have happened to my baby if I had not made it. He would have been an orphan and that breaks my heart. I know you didn't know I was pregnant and you wouldn't have looked for a child that you didn't even know existed."

At this point Andre felt helpless. This woman had gone through so much because of him. He had made her pregnant and the fact that he wasn't there to take responsibility for his actions either way, he would have said it wasn't his child. He only admitted to Leo being his child because he was practically a photocopy of him and it would be highly alarming if he had decided to lie. He hugged her and let her cry on his chest, she couldn't help it. It was just an emotional scene for the both of them.

"That's why.." she pulled away wiping her now puffy eyes. "I think I'm better off without you because you only cause me pain and even if I love you.. it's just better that way because I don't ever want to give you the power to break me again. I'd rather be with someone I don't entirely love and be happy than be with the one I love and constantly miserable."

Andre was speechless, at this point he felt like a bother and if letting her go made her happier then he would.

"I know saying I'm sorry won't change anything." He said defeated. "I will just uhm leave. Again I'm sorry for-" he sighed. "Everything and today.."

"It wasn't your fault." She said immediately. "We both wanted this."

Andre nodded then headed out the door. As soon as the door closed. Della hopelessly curled up in her corner and cried. Leo wouldn't be back from school in five hours and she needed a good cry, it always made everything better. Letting it all out in form of watery substance.

She needed that.

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