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   Chapter 49 I want to make her pregnant

Judas Kiss. By Antonette Liebermann Characters: 10135

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"Spencer!!!" Garreth growled, clearly furious. "I have been calling you for hours and hours. Even Ignacio couldn't get ahold of you.."

"I was out." Spencer shrugged removing his blazer.

"Clearly, eating my daughter." Garreth spat. "You're forgetting your purpose. To help me run this business not jump around with my daughter.."

Spencer knew what would happen if he provoked this mentally ill man. Spencer shrugged, mentally rolling his eyes because Garreth was the King of tantrums.

"I'm sorry.." Spencer sighed, sitting on Garreth's white leather couch.

"Who told you to sit down, stand up Spencer! I'm talking to you." Garreth clearly wasn't in the mood.

Spencer's annoyed meter was already beeping red as he heaved a sigh and stood up facing Garreth.

"What?" Spencer asked in a low voice. "I said I'm sorry."

What came next didn't surprise Spencer. As Garreth's right hand struck his right cheek. It stung like a bee maybe because of the rings that Garreth always wore. Spencer chuckled tasting a bit of metallic on his lips. Dabbing the corners of his lips with his thumb, he noticed blood.

Spencer just chuckled.

This wasn't the first time.

"What was that for?" He asked.

Garreth just stood there shaking his head. He suddenly started screaming. Screaming so loud and throwing an expensive vase against the wall.

Spencer just stood there watching him, he was aware of how to deal with this situation. He had been here before. Garreth went as far as breaking the Gold fish tank that decorated his interior, the poor fish immediately struggling to breath as they hit the floor. Garreth practically redecorated his penthouse into a mess. Pushing the couch upside down breaking the plasm tv screen with its very own remote and his phone.

Garreth's screaming had a piercing sound, gladly he didn't have any neighbors. Ignacio immediately got in the room. Ignacio was the third in command after Spencer. He simply rolled his eyes and gave Spencer the look.

Then Spencer nodded.

A few moments later, Ignacio came back with a fully loaded injection. Spencer stood on the very spot where he was a few minutes back. Ignacio was careful to hit Garreth with it right at the back of his neck. Within second Garreth was down and out.

"How long do we have to deal with this Spence..?" Ignacio asked in a tired tone.

"I don't know man." Spencer replied as they helped each other lift the old man to his extravagant room. Ignacio changed Garreth's clothes and put him to bed. As they went back to the living room noticing how havoc it looked, they both sighed deciding they would sit on the floor considering everything was broken.

"Kill him Spencer." Ignacio said out of the blue.

It wasn't a lie, this thought had crossed their minds multiple times.

"How long do we have to deal with this? Huh? His therapy isn't making him any better. I didn't sign up to be a fucking nurse."

Spencer was quiet for a bit.

"We can't." He finally replied.

"Why the fuck not?"

"Because.." Spen

led banging the door in Spencer's face.

Spencer was fuming.. and confused to the latter. That was until his phone dinged-

Signaling a message.

Sleep well Spence, thanks for today. - Della.

That was enough to keep him from beating the shit out of Ignacio... for now.


Garreth woke up... in a good mood. He showered and dressed up in his favorite white suit. Walking into the living room, he seemed baffled.

"SPENCER!!" He yelled.

"IGNACIO!!!" He yelled.

There was a maid who seemed scared stiff every time he yelled. She continued doing her job minding her own business, Mr Hurst had told her and the other maid to clean up the mess and make Garreth breakfast.

"Where is my fucking couch?" Garreth yelled when Spencer walked in.

"It was a tad bit dirty so I decided to have it refurbished."

"Are you stupid?" Garreth questioned.

"What?" Spencer asked.


"Uh I wasn't awar-" He was cut off.


"Right.." Spencer said walking away immediately making a phone call. Sometimes it was as if he was the personal Assistant, where was Amanda anyways? This was her job? Spencer thought.

"What happened yesterday? I dosed off a bit early I suppose.." Garreth said talking to the maid who just looked at him as if he had grown two heads. How could he not remember everything he had done to this place and all the time they had to spend cleaning it up. All the time Spencer spent replacing every object from lamps to ceramic decorations.

The maid could only matter 'this man is a psychopath' in her Nigerian accent as she walked away but there was nothing she could do because after all this job paid well.

"Hey lady.. is breakfast going to be served in the afternoon? This is not Nigeria, Victory!" Garreth yelled.

He was a problem for everyone except Della, she was yet to see how disturbed her beloved father was.

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