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   Chapter 48 You’re now my woman

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Sometimes you don't notice certain alterations only because you refuse to. When you love someone, you only see the superlatively good. When you have wanted and always yearned for a parent's love and it finally comes along. You couldn't be happier, a short childhood dream archived. From all the father's days that were missed. All the father's days that made Della miserably dread the thought of going to school. Not like Mother's day was any better with a mother like Marcela. Della was oblivious not a lot of things and she didn't see anything wrong. At the moment she just wanted to convince herself that she did not feel anything for Andre and move on with Spencer.

"He took me in and basically has been there for me ever since.." Spencer explained.

"But why didn't you tell me when we first met, now I'm starting to think my father put you up to courting me?" She replied.

"Mhm, it was a coincident. A very beautiful coincident." Spencer added. Looking around the lavish restaurant that he had chosen to take Della out to. The birthday party had passed and now it was time for him to spend some alone time with Della... with the little brat.

Della blushed at his response.

"So do you plan on going back to LA, long distance relationships don't always work out-" She explained as she cut her steak, taking a sip from her red wine.

"We're doing business with the Levetté's so I ought to be here. I'm really just happy with what we have and I don't want to go anywhere far from you.." He put his hand on top of hers. "We will make this work."

"That makes me really happy, Spencer and again thank you for being civil at Leo's party. I know with Andre there, it must have been tense. You will see him more often because of Leo so we just have to deal with that."

"I don't mind honestly, you're my woman now. I won't have a problem with him as long as he know his place as Leo's father and nothing more.."

Della couldn't help but adore that he looked so breathtaking in a black Armani suit. It shaped his lean muscular figure. The tattoos on his neck going unnoticeable. No tie and those glazing green eyes staring back at her with some sort of need. There was obviously sexual tension, she didn't know how it would feel to be with a different man. It excited her. It shaped his lean muscular figure. The tattoos on his neck going unnoticeable.

"I'm your woman." Della laughed giving him a genuine smile. "You're very possessive, Mr Hurst." She teased.

He smirked.



Leo looked up at his dad. Andre was still baffled by the similarities. His son's blue eyes like his own flickered at him with curiosity.

"I know she loves you too." Leo said immediately going back to the puzzles. A feeling of happiness, profoundly found its way in his chest. There was hope for them, he just had to show her that he had grown matured now and took a stand for his wrongs and more than anything he wanted to be with her with the aim of only making her and their son happy.


Marcela had been fighting with her husband, she had not thought clearly when she brought Lyle to the birthday party and introduced Della as he daughter. Lyle had straight up went and told his father while they were having supper. She had clearly not thought to tell her husband first and this had feuded a disaster as Gerald went to sleep at work.

His last words rang in her head as guilt filled up within her.

"I thought I knew you Marcela but I don't. You have made me realize that I have been living a lie. I won't believe anything you said because you're a filthy liar. How do you even hide a twenty-something year old daughter? I just need to think.. away from you. I don't want to worry Lyle so we cannot show him that we're in conflict with each other. You have ruined my trust Marcela when all I did was love you regardless of you being a hooker.. I took you out of the streets and you failed to tell me this one thing.. you know what don't call me, I will be at the office."

She had so many regrets. Garreth called her wicked, her husband too. She was aware that she deserved it and that day had come-

Where she would reap what she sow.

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