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   Chapter 47 Please not Spencer too

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Updated: 2019-03-26 20:42

"More cake!!" One of the little kids at Leo's party pestered Mila. She gave an exaggerated sigh. Her mood had been ruined, her entire day had been ruined.

"Hey, are you okay?" Della asked her friend who had a sour look on her face. Before Mila could respond, she had one question.

"What is Molinero doing here?" She questioned.

"Well, Garreth asked me to add him onto the list. He is new in the city and hardly knows anyone-"

"Right.." Mila nodded, rolling her eyes. She didn't want to alarm her bestfriend so she decided not to say anything.

"I know you guys slept together-"

"No, Della it's alright." Mila assured her friend but what she really wanted to ask was how Garreth and Alfredo knew each other. Was she right all along, is Garreth part of the mafia? Just like Alfredo. Something was really fishy, she turned to look at Garreth who was talking to Spencer and Alfredo.

Mila gasped.

"God, please not Spencer too." She whispered under her breath as it finally dawned onto her. Della was really starting to like a guy besides her asshole husband and now the second perfect guy seems to have ties with Garreth. Alright maybe she was freaking out, just because Alfredo was a mafia Don, it doesn't mean Garreth and Spencer are.

"You seem a little flustered?"

"We're not friends Marcela!!" Mila spat at the woman who had her make up, heavily done.

"You're in such a sour mood." Marcela replied in Spanish.

"I don't know what you're really doing here but if you hurt Della and Leo, you will have me to answer to."

Marcela only laughed at this.

"You have no idea what you're talking about, little girl. You need to get laid, you need to find a man and stop clinging onto my daughter just because she suddenly has a rich father."

"That's the problem with you Marcela." Mila chuckled. "You think everyone is like you?"

"Like me?"

"Yes like you! You think the world revolves around getting a 'man' well not just a man but a rich man. You cling onto anything and anyone with money and a reputation. Is that why you're here today? Have you even apologized to your daughter or you think bringing your son here is an apology enough. I feel sorry for you because you will never have a mother-daughter relationship with Della. That ship has sailed, it's too late she doesn't need you. Go play family with your rich husband thanks."

This honestly hurt Marcela.

For the first time, she was speechless. Giving Mila a chance to walk away.

Deep down, Marcela knew that Della didn't need her anymore.


That voice.

"Ja- Garreth, I'm not here for you." Marcela replied attempting to walk away but Garreth held her hand. It was undeniable that she hated him so much because she will always feel something for this psychopath. He was after all her first love.

"I know, just thought I would greet you." Garreth said softly. She couldn't deny that he loo

t." She said turning around to face him.

"Yeah.." He replied. His eyes swept over her delicate face and her soft lips that he missed so much and dreamt about almost daily. This was their sad reality..

"Why are you really here Andre?" She asked him.

He didn't take a minute to reply. "Truthfully, I wanted to be alone with you."

"Why?" She questioned.

"I never got the chance to apologize, I was selfish enough to put all the blame on my mother when it was entirely my fault." He paused. "I'm sorry Adela, I'm truly sorry that you had to go through all that shame and misery at the hands of my family and mostly myself. You didn't deserve that." He said running his fingers through his blonde hair. His baby blue eyes flickered, looking moist. "I know, there is absolutely no excuse for the way.. I treated you. I didn't mean to lay my hands on you. I'm sorry Adela-" He couldn't even finish his sentence. Della felt touched, first his mother apologizing and now him.. why couldn't Marcela do the same. She didn't even attempt to-

"I know I always say, I have forgiven you but.. hearing that really gave me the peace I needed to move on. Thank you Andre." Della said softly, Andre stepped close to wipe away her tears. For a moment they just laid there in each other's arms. Finally at peace with their past and everything that had happened and all they had been avoiding.

"I hope you get to find love again.." She said pulling away from him.

"Just like you have with Spencer?" He questioned, he wanted to know if Adela really loved this man. Did she love him or this was a just a thing of the moment?

She didn't reply.

"You love him?" Andre asked.

"You can't ask that of me." She simply said walking away from him. It was only a question and he wanted to know. He was curious but at most he was glad they got to talk and find even the littlest of closure.

Things were going slow but they were looking up.

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