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   Chapter 46 Tainted by the devil

Judas Kiss. By Antonette Liebermann Characters: 10438

Updated: 2019-03-26 20:39

"You go to Roosevelt?" Lyle, Della's half brother questioned as Della drove to Andre's house. The boys had been conversing in the backseat of Andre's expensive looking piece of machine that he had allowed Della to borrow. Della on the other hand was excited, excited to see her sons reaction. He clearly wasn't expecting anything big for his birthday well clearly.

"Yep." Leo shrugged.

"I almost went there but my application was rejected because of... my mom's personal records.." Lyle shrugged.

"There do applications in primary schools?" Jeanine asked on the passenger seat. She had been invited to the party by Della and she didn't think Jeanine would want to ride with her here she was conversing with a thirteen year old and a seven year old.

"Yeah.. apparently only those top notch schools." Lyle replied.

Suddenly Jeanine turned to her, son's ex wife. "How did you do it Della?"

Della was a bit taken aback with the question and not just the question but generally... the woman who had drugged her seven years ago conversing with her. Jeanine once upon a time hated Della's guts, this was shocking. Was this genuine or what was she up to?

"Well it was actually Garreth's idea. His step kids used to go there so he just suggested it and well Leo using the McCarthy last name.. earned him a place there surprisingly." She explained. That was initially the time Garreth had been and acted like her guardian angel before she came to know that he was her father.

"Mommy, can Jason come over then maybe we can order pizza and play Xbox?" Leo whined, he looked so cute, it warmed his mother's heart. He had absolutely no idea of what awaited at him so Lyle and Jeanine simple chuckled to themselves.

"Absolutely not, you're still grounded." Della said sternly focusing on the road, before stopping at a red traffic light/robot.

"Grounded? I thought you said you were okay now. Mommy it's my birthday!" Leo said sadly, he rolled his? the very same blue eyes he had inherited from his father and turned to look at the window. A little pout on his lips. It was quiet for a bit before he spoke again.

"Can we at least go to McDonald's?" Leo said in a sad tone.

"Leo, listen to your mom okay!" His grand mom said making him huff. Everyone in the car was enjoying seeing him beyond mad.

"I won't ever forgive you for this." Leo huffed, looking back the window watching the view that passed by. Everyone simply let him be not wanting to spill the beans or make him suspicious.

Noticing that they were taking a different route, Leo let out another sigh. "Mom, why are we going to dad's?"

Della panicked a bit before Jeanine came in.

"Well she needs to drop you off and also leave you with your dad before going for a late shift."

"But mom?" Leo shook his head. "Why are you working on my birthday?"

Leo always spent every single birthday with his mom, it just wouldn't be the same without her.

"Sorry Leo.." Della faked a sigh but a smirk was on her lips, gladly he couldn't see her facial expression. Lyle and Jeanine found it very amusing..

"But mom-"

"Leo, I have to work

demons were chasing her back from the past. She didn't want anything to do with the mafia. She loved her life here, she worked, had her own little apartment, went clubbing, got laid, baby sat Leo, traveled with her savings. She loved her life. She was comfortable with it. Alfredo wanted to complicate it all.

"I-" She stuttered.

"You thought I wouldn't want the child?" He asked emotionally.

"My parents decided for me, it wasn't my decision." Now Mila was crying. "They even had multiple priests pray for me saying I had been tainted by the devil and the fact that I was caring your child.. made it worse."

This hurt Alfredo, so they really saw him as the devil. Well from his stance if some mafia came and stole their innocent daughter only for her virginity then brought her back pregnant-

Personally Alfredo would have killed anyone who did that to his little girl.

"I'm sorry." Alfredo whispered bringing Mila into his arms. She was emotional. She was crying, she couldn't help it.

"I looked for you.. but they told me you killed your self.. they even showed me your grave." He whispered as he rubbed circles on her back.

"I haven't seen them in years.." She mumbled, her tears were probably messing up his suit she thought as she quickly pulled away from him.

"I'm sorry Mila, for taking your innocence without your permission. I won't blame my father or anyone but myself. I did that willingly, after laying my eyes on you lust took over my thoughts. It would have been noble of me to let you or help you run away but I didn't. I played along.. and tainted you." He said softly.

"It's fine, I have forgotten about it. I just need to go help out downstairs now.." She excused herself but he pulled her back.

"I love you Mila and I need you." He said calmly before letting her go and telling the guard to finally open the door. Mila was confused, as she wiped her tears. She was glad she didn't wear any make up. It would have been a mess. She didn't know how to feel about everything happening around her. It all felt like a distant dream.


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