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   Chapter 45 Selfish is what she is

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Felipé looked at his boss. He had never seen Alfredo like this in his whole nineteen years of looking after him. Not necessarily looking after him but being his shadow and protecting him from any harm.

Alfredo heaved a sigh for what seemed like the hundredth time. Felipe was getting sick of it. Alfredo was watching his favorite telenovela, Forbidden Passions. He always repeated it and repeated. He felt it was somehow related to his sad reality, a dead first love and the second love refuses to be with him.

If only he knew there was one love; Mila Riviera.

"No, Bruno don't fall for her, she will break your heart and leave you in a ditch. She is a selfish cunning Perra Bruno!!" Alfredo yelled at the large screen television.

"She is just so selfish. Selfish, I tell you. She knew what you both shared on that last night of bliss and still went to kill herself. Selfish is what she is." Alfredo added. Was he still talking about Forbidden Passions?

"You promised her you would come back for her and she still did it. She is selfish. She didn't care. She must be burning in hell." Felipe could only shake his head in despair.

"Ugh Bruno don't fall for it. She is just a cunning Pendeja. She gives you her all only to take it back so you can be left in agony. Selfish!!" This was not what a gang leader would be expected to be doing after having his heart broken years ago. It was as if he remembered it all like it had happened yesterday. He should be out killing and spreading blood on walls not getting mad at a television screen for a fictional story.

"Alfredo, you do realize the ending will always stay the same.." Felipe said softly. "No matter how many times you yell at Bruno who might I add

didn't you say anything? Do you realize I could kill you for this? I could-"

"You won't do anything, I'm the closest thing you have to family." Felipe shrugged.

"I hate you." Alfredo whined.

"Go get dressed, I'm not Mila. I don't fancy seeing you in boxers." Felipe faked a frown. Alfredo didn't question it, his heart sat well with it. Mila really was his amour. He had a lot of questions, he wouldn't let her out of his sight not now, not ever.

"Tell Antonio to get the car, ready." Alfredo instructed.

"I thought you would never ask." Felipe said with a smile.

"Oh and Alfredo-"


"If you're going to get her back, please make it fast. Pedro won't be able to hold up without us for that long." Felipe said, Pedro was the second in command who was taking care of everything that needed to be taken care of in Mexico. Alfredo was too happy to even think about that. He just needed to see Mila and hold her in his arms. Nothing would matter at that moment. Not even the Mafia that his father and great grandfather had worked so hard to uphold for years. He was willing to leave everything for her.

Mila his Amour.

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