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   Chapter 44 What a lucky man

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"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you.." Jeanine and her husband sang for sleepy Leondre, holding a chocolate cupcake with one candle lit on top. Leo raised his head clearly confused, he rubbed his eyes.. not being fully awake. His blonde locks disheveled, he was just the cutest... Jeanine couldn't help but wonder what she had against this little angel in the first place. She finally understood, how it felt to be happy just by having the simplest things. Last night when Leo hugged her, she felt so overwhelmed. It was finally coming down to her that she had a grandson, the smartest little boy she knows. She was really proud and planned on resolving what she had started.

Andre and Adela had to be together again.

"Happy birthday Leo." Jeanine ruffled his hair before giving him a kiss on his temple, he smiled; his dimples immediately becoming visible. Ben watched his wife being affectionate, he hadn't seen her so carefree in so many years.

"Thank you." Leo smiled broadly blowing the candle, it was just a cute scene.

"I wish my mom was here but she is still mad at me." Leo sighed sadly.

"I'm sure she isn't, not anymore. How about you go have a nice bath then we can wait for your mom to pick you up?" Ben suggested.

"Alright, do you think my dad is still angry too?" Leo asked, taking a bite from his cupcake.

"Nope, Andre never gets angry for that long besides he loves you so much." Jeanine added immediately feeling a void, Andre had never been one to hold a grudge or become angry for that long. In this case he had not spoken to her in so long. He completely ignore his mother's existence, she never thought he was capable of that. Jeanine missed her son much more especially when she looked at Leondre. She thought back to when Andre was a little boy, everything had been easy and so perfect. Now he was all grown up and making his own decisions. Seeing Leondre made her think back to the beautiful life she had when both her little boys stayed at home before they left to look after themselves in this big world.

Luc was still a baby, she thought. A grown baby, he certainly didn't want to grow up and she had given up on him. Jeanine missed being a mother, she missed her family. She felt like they were much more apart now than they have ever been. Jeanine planned to apologize to her son and Adela hopefully make her come back. She was aware that what she did was not acceptable and the only way Andre would forgive her is if she brought Adela back into his arms. Her husband would also come back to her. She just wanted her family altogether. Money and power, she had all that.. she just wanted her family to be happy.

When Le

ems to be going well, he is really getting a hang of being a father." Della added.

"You know he still loves you.." Jeanine said almost immediately. Della knew this was coming..

"Mrs. Levette-" Jeanine immediately cut her off. "It's Jeanine or Jenny which ever you prefer."

"Jeanine.. I understand we have settled our differences and you want to do right but Andre and I but that's all in the past and we should focus on what's best for Leo. I just entered a relationship with a really nice man who accepts my flaws and he is very supportive and yes Andre is supportive too but I don't think we will ever go back to what we were.." Della said softly fumbling with her fingers.

"Oh.." Jeanine said. "What a lucky man.."

"Yeah.. Spencer.." Della smiled.

"It just really took me a long time to be where I am, emotionally. I don't want to ruin that. I know what Andre is capable of, I know the type of power he holds over me and my emotions.. he was my first love. It never goes away but I can't allow him to break me like that... again as much as I feel for him." Della explained. "I would rather play my cards safe by being with someone I don't love as much."

"I understand." Jeanine said knowing she wasn't going to give up on her son's source of happiness. She wouldn't. She did this and she would fix it.

"You should come to the party." Della changed the subject.

"Thought I would never get an invitation." Jeanine chuckled making Della laugh as well. They were both in a good place.

Lyle and Leo came back downstairs after a while, they seemed to have bonded in the little time they had and became bestfriends. Leo hugged his mom and told her how sorry he was and how he would change his attitude. Della smiled knowing that her baby was in for a surprise.

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