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   Chapter 43 The beginning of a rollercoaster

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Andre Levetté could not stop looking at his wife, wait ex wife, he thought. She was welcoming guests into their home well his home since she left many years ago although it was once their home. She looked so simple and beautiful, he couldn't help but think this what they could have had but he ruined it. She could be welcoming guests into their beautiful home then he would come give her a kiss on the cheek and hold her tight then the guests would awe at the cute scene in front of them.

"Andre??" Della brought him out of his daze.

"Yes?" He answered.

"Jason isn't here and you know that's Leo's bestfriend. He needs to be here otherwise Leo will be really sad." She told her ex husband who looked at her adoringly.

"Have you tried calling his parents?" Andre asked trying hard to not let his thoughts travel to that place, looking at her cleavage in that dress made his thoughts run wild. It was unbecoming, did she really have to torture him like that. Torture him with the thought of knowing he had it all and he willingly let it go..

"Yes but his mom isn't answering. I don't have his father's number." Della said in a worried tone which Andre thought was really cute.

"Let me see if I can get my assistant to do something.." Andre said giving her an assuring smile, then she awkwardly nodded. Things were going great between them she didn't want to overstep any boundary or give him any false hope as she was now... with Spencer. They both had to move on at some point in their life, she thought to herself. The look he gave her made her very uncomfortable, she knew what he was thinking when his blue eyes glimmered like that. She knew what was going on in his head when he bit his lip looking at her like that. He was the predator and she was the prey, he was out for the hunt and she had to be careful.

"Alright thanks." Della gave him a small smile and he swore he felt his heart tumble a bit. It was weird that even after all these years he still felt like this about her.

The rest of the kids supposedly his sons friends and classmates were already at the jumping castle and running around the huge garden near the pool. This was the vision Della saw when she first saw this house. This was what she wanted, it had so much laughter. Now Leo was the only delicate piece missing.

"You get Jason then I will go get Leo, he must be fuming and your mom doesn't really like kids or him.." Della said to Andre who tensed hearing the talk about his mother.

"She wouldn't do him any harm as long as my father is there." He said softly.

"I know, I mean I hope so." Della added putting a strand of her jet black hair behind her ear. Andre wished if only he could do that.

"Use my car keys.." He offered, he hadn't seen her with a car so he just assumed she didn't have one. She didn't necessarily need one, this was New York.. a car was an expense when there were so many alternatives.


looked so cute together, they were very excited? for their first born. Gloria, Amber's mother inlaw was present as well. This made Della wonder if Jeanine was going to forcefully allow her into the party. She was well capable of that, she was one person who never wanted to be excluded out of social events.


Driving to the beautiful suburban area were the Levette family mansion was located. She got to know her brother a bit more, he had the aux code. He played Della his favorite songs and they sang along to some of the songs that they both new.

There was no doubt in Della's mind that Leondre would bond well with Lyle. Fortunately Lyle talked about his father, how he could speak a bit of Spanish but not more than that. He only knew some curse, shouting word that his mom used on him when she was mad. Della then realized there was not much difference because Marcela used to yell at her with the same words... she hadn't changed much. Well pretty much her parenting skills. Lyle had mentioned that his father was out of the country that's why he couldn't make it.

Lyle had said his mother had told his father first about her. Marcela's husbands was very much angry but he came around. He was angry because Marcela hid this for so long but they sorted out their differences and he was glad she had finally opened up. He couldn't wait to meet her, Lyle said.

Della's life was blossoming so much had happened in the short span of six months. She founds her father, her son met his father, she found a boyfriend, she became civil with her ex husband. Everything seemed to be going great, or so she thought. Not being aware of the evil that was happening behind her back and the people that were trying to protect her from it all.

It was like the beginning of a rollercoaster, it started off slow and easy then went on fast and uncontrollable until it reaches rock bottom and comes to a stop... the stop was still very far.


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